Summer of Kink 13 – Add a little love in it

Arriving at my place, not stripping each other as usual. We sit on the couch in the embrace of each others arms. I open my laptop, browser. The sex shop bookmark is right on the top. I can feel her hands tighter around me.

“Are you sure you want this” I whisper near her ear. She turns her head to mine, kissing me just before she nodded. “Perhaps even more then you” She says with a giggle.

Hours are passing, we added blindfolds, lingerie, some rope and a crop so far. Just by looking all those items together is a foreplay of its own. We were kissing and touching. Reaching the last item I close the laptop. Holding her in a hug.

A few gentle kisses, over her cheeks, neck and lips. I took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom. Shutting the lights off as soon as we took our clothes off. Under the soft sheets we continued.

Her hand is on my dick and balls as we’re kissing. Gently touching and moving her hand. Pulling and squeezing. We’re both on our hips, facing each other. Her leg is over my hip as she touches more and more.

My hand moves over her ass, touching and spanking before I reach to her pussy. Placing my middle finger between her pussy lips. Slightly pushing on it as I move it around.

There is something about mutual masturbation that I enjoy a lot. The act of simultaneously pleasing one another. Her hand moves faster over my dick, so does my finger over her clit. A perfect quid pro quo situation. Add a little love in it and I’ll shoot out rainbows.

Gentle moans start to escape her mouth, she moves faster. I’m lost in pleasure, my mouth is on her neck, biting and sucking as she moans in my ear.

She is starting to twist, to hold me tight. Her hand moves off my dick, pushing her hips forward, moaning louder. I lay her on her back, all my fingers on her pussy, moving left and right.

Her breath cut short, her moans got loud. Arching her back, her hips gone wild. I kept my pace, even faster now. Her body was hot, so was mine. Again she put her hands around me, now laying me back.

Her soft lips on mine, with her hands she held me down. Kissing my neck, licking my nipples. Over my belly, kissed around. My dick is hard, holding my balls with her hand. Her lips spread over the top.

She licks at first. Her fingers play with my balls. She sucks the head, moving over it more. With the other hand she grabbed my dick, moved up and down. Her mouth sucked me in.

Little by little and completely. Her mouth almost reached my balls. She moves faster between the deepthroat and jerking me. My hand reaches her head, hips moving on to her as I spasm in pleasure. Releasing my load in her mouth.

She swallows it all, licking me a bit more. “Be right back” she says, going to the bathroom. Back to me after washing her mouth. I don’t know why she did that but I appreciate it.

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