Summer of Kink 12 – Theres Something I Want To Do With You

She is getting dressed after the shower at my place. “Let me run home to get something nicer to wear and we’ll meet up for dinner” Anya says. “Yes, of course” I respond and give her a kiss goodbye. “I’ll pick you up in an hour or so” I continue.

She smiles, holding my hand as she starts walking away. Gently releasing when our arms couldn’t reach anymore. I’m standing at the doorway, looking at her as she walks away. As she sways her hips. “Gosh, I’m never gonna get her out of my mind” goes through my head.

“Yeah. Well, theres nothing bad about that, is there” The other voice in my head says. We agree as I look around the house after shutting the doors. Going to the dresser to find some nice clothes for the night.

Minutes are passing as I rush through the house, getting ready. Almost an hour now. I pick up the phone and call Anya to see if she’s ready.

“Hey” she answers.

“Hey hey. Ready for the night yet” I respond.

“Heh, give me 10 more minutes before you pick me up” She says.

Duo to my natural inability to wait I sit in the car, turn the engine on. The usual crappy music is on the radio so I switch it off and start driving. Taking a route around half city before arriving at her place. Takes me even more then 10 minutes, hopefully she’s ready.

We’re at the restaurant now. A lovely place near the sea. Quiet and romantic. We finally have a chance to talk. Really talk. Its the night where we discover each others minds, and our owns as well. She offers to pay the bill but I’m too proud to let that happen.

“Theres something I want to do with you” I say as we are about to leave. Curiosity arouses on her face. “Yes?” she says looking at me. Supportive eyes yet I feel a little fear in her. Is she worried what I might say?

I laugh silently, pulling her into a hug. “Its ok. I want to do some kinky shopping with you” I say. Also a little nervous.

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