Top 10 Sex Posts Week #3

Here’s our list of top ten sex posts for this week. If you have any suggestions for sex posts and/or sex blogs, please feel free to comment under this list. New top ten will be posted every Sunday, follow us on Twitter or by Email to keep track.

This post is an absolute must. It’s called her “Jack-Off Journal.” What else can I say?  From jack off jurnal

Considering a little BDSM in the bedroom. Here’s a guide to spanking that’s a great start.  From safe sexy spanking tips for two

Want to know more about the sugar baby/sugar daddy lifestyle. Here’s a great article on just that. From a new york sugar babys lessons in eating out

What’s the one thing you never want on TV as the kids are eating breakfast? Find out right here.  From morning sex

A nice little blog on daddy issues. Great for those seeking therapy! From women who love their daddies

Great advice on bringing a little backdoor into the bedroom.  From anal sex 101

Not exactly a blog post, but a simple collection of sexy pics. What’s wrong with that?

More informative than entertaining, but excellent insight into lowered libidos. From the 4 hidden reasons some men don’t want sex

A guide to sex positions for people with physical disabilities. Fascinating.  From adapted sex

VR sex might be closer than you think…From real sex virtual reality


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