Summer of Kink 5 – I Knew She Was a Good Girl

The night with Anya started wonderful, truly wonderful. We talked a little, smiled and laughed on the bench before we went to the restaurant. Nothing fancy but more then enjoyable, we ate a large pizza together and she ate the olive as I didn’t like them.

However I did believe I would be a gentleman enough to let her have it even if I liked them. A glass of wine relaxed us both a little and we were comfortable together, going back to the subject of handcuffs. “No, I don’t have any but thats what stores are for I guess” I said with a mild laugh.

She smiled “I do” and reached for her purse, pulled them out just enough so I can get a glimpse of them. I was stunned, beautifully stunned. Not only did we match as people but from what we spoke we’re going to get along great in the bed, or the park, the forest, you know…

It wasn’t getting late, not for adults on an night out late anyway. But certainly late enough for the kids to be in bed. Kids with proper parents that is. Did a new day start a few minutes ago? I don’t know, my mind was all set on having her handcuffed on my bed with her bare ass ready for a good spankin’.

And so we headed to my place, it was all uphill from the restaurant. A challenge for the drunken, Amusing for the horny and drunken as it seemed like we got there in only a few seconds without a single sweat breaking out.

We kissed and touched. Our hands, almost like they were swimming over each others bodies. Kisses and licks I took the dress off of her in one quick pull and she returned the favor with my shirt. I threw her on the bed, her black thongs were a delight to see when she was laying like that.

Laying, touching herself as she watched me, waiting with her greedy eyes, she wanted me, she needed me and I turned her on her back, sitting on her legs. Her bubble butt jiggled with each spank, slowly turning red. The more she gasped and moaned the more I spanked, what a viciously pleasing cycle.

I reached for her purse right after I took my trousers off, setting my member free in its full strength. The handcuffs were simple with a little red fake leather over them so they wouldn’t hurt when she suddenly moved her hands in extreme pleasure, pleasure and pain.

I knew she enjoyed it, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it, we settled that if it ever got too rough or uncomfortable she can say stop, hint it for me. Not like I wasn’t going to make sure she was ok now and then. It was a good thing to talk about before this kind of action.

One hand was cuffed, I moved the chain over the bar and cuffed the other, she couldn’t get her wrists anywhere below her head like that and thats when the romance started.

A mix of fast and slow, a tease some might say, pleasing her was the priority, using any means necessary. Pleasing her was the same as pleasing myself even tho I knew my reward afterwards, I knew she was a good girl.

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