Summer of Kink 6 – She Slept On My Chest

She was handcuffed to my bed, wearing nothing but her black thongs which looked incredible on her, or maybe it was so because she was in my bed, handcuffed, ready.

She had an amazing body, not one of those Miss Perfection’s in any way, she was natural and thats what made it even sexier. Her smooth skin with a wonderful touch of a tan, the bikini lines over her crotch, hips and buttocks were, for me, beauty marks.

Anya, her bubble butt, her breasts that fit graciously in my hand, not fully, just the right amount to have something to grab, to play with. Her nipples were soft, wide, beautiful. The way she moaned when I sucked on them.

My lips went on a long trip over her body, my tongue accompanied them to a few areas and when the front was done. I turned her to lay on her stomach. Her ass was still a little red from the spanking but I had a feeling I was just starting with it.

She laid there, gasped, giggled enjoyed. Eager for more and I started spanking her again right after I pulled her thongs off, sliding them over her smooth legs. This time I was on her back, not sitting entirely on her. I lifted her hips up in between the spankings.

Diving in her marvelous pussy, wet and worm, soft. My lips and tongue played, my member was at its high point, laying on her back. Her moans kept me going and going, my neck surrounded by her soft butt cheeks.

If there was ever a sexiest moment in the last year its this. I needed this. An escape from every day bullshit, returning to nature. My wild and kinky nature. To be so absolutely free between her legs, on her in so many various ways.

I moved aside, rolling her on her back again, her hands were still immobilized as I lifted her legs, rubbing my member over her wet clit. Sliding inside we both gasped. Gasped and moaned as it went further and further.

Moment after moment it was getting better. Magnificently better, tighter, harder. Faster did I mention? “Do you want it in your mouth or on it? In your pussy or on it? I asked gaspingly, short of breath, muscles intense.

“Anywhere, anywhere Master” She said full of moans as she entered an orgasmic state, a trance filled with pleasure. The universe coming to one, she clenched her entire body more and more, screamed almost. I held it as much as I could before pulling out and covering her in liquid snow, over her crotch, belly and breasts, it was everywhere. I think some of it ended up on her face as well.

Taking a few moments to catch breath, to relax the perfection of the aftermath, to kiss her and get the towel. Wiping her clean before unlocking her chain, the handcuffs

We laid there in silence, her arms hugged me tightly. I was happy. The next thing I knew it was morning, sun was breaching through the window, a comfortable light, silenced by the shutters. She still slept on my chest, I didn’t dare to move.

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