Summer of Kink 4 – Handcuffs We Mentioned

We walked and we walked through the rivers of semi-nude people that occupied the beach and everywhere near it. She was an artist herself, she designed interior for a small company in the town, I always admired artistic people.

After a few hours we agreed to meet again tonight and we both headed home. I had lots to think about on one hand, on the other I knew there wasn’t much to really think about. It happened, its here, why complicate things?

But thats not really how things work with my mind sometimes. Since my previous relationship ended a little more than a year ago I didn’t get involved in much conversation with the gentle gender. In fact all I did was turn inside of me and re-think everything, my entire life.

I threw away all the sex toys, bondage equipment that was left from the relationship, only one thing remained. Sure it once was her collar but thats not how I looked at it. The collar represented something more to me, a true relationship with complete confidence in one another.

For I knew the one I put the collar on next is going to be the one I want to spend my entire life with and if it didn’t work out, well thats just another scar to my bruised skin, I’m not exactly young anymore, not exactly in the sea of freedom and choice I was once in.

My days were usually filled besides the occasional nothing to do when I finished all the work or just took a too long of a break and procrastinated the afternoon. I knew I needed a change, something that will fill my heart with joy more then once a month.

A reason to get up in the morning, a reason to smile in the evening. How usual, isn’t it what we all want? How usual, we all seek it in different things, slightly different or completely different and no matter how different I thought myself to be I still sought what everyone else did, happiness.

The clock is ticking, hours are passing, I’m having trouble not to think about my date tonight, funny how time drastically slows down when you’re waiting for something, when you need it to just fly away.

I took a shower and dressed up. Dark trousers and a black shirt with short sleeves. I never shaved but always trimmed, I liked the way I looked, always thought its better then shaving all, for my face that is.

Its almost nine and I’m sitting on the bench we agreed to meet at. Anya came in a black dress that reached half way between her knees and hips, she had no bra but her nipples weren’t visible, I loved the way she smiled.

“Hey you” she said and sat next to me, leaning on me before she kissed my cheek, my lips.

“Had a good afternoon?” I asked

“Yea but I think the evening is going to be a lot better” she answered “perhaps we can make use of those handcuffs we were talking about” She continued as she giggled, smiled.

To Be Continued

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