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The Dry Spell 5

Her orgasm was instantaneous and absolute. It ran through her body like sugared lightning. It built in her, causing her hips to jut up, her legs to spread even wider, and she saw the look of delight on Jason’s face…although it felt like she could barely see at all, since the orgasm blurred her vision.

An orgasm, she thought, is like God punching you…but in a really good way.

And then, before she even settled down in the seat, just as her orgasm tapered off, Jason slid into her.

She thought his size and year-long dry spell might make it difficult, maybe even impossible, for him to enter her but apparently not. Her juices did all the hard work, and she felt him go from only just the tip to buried in her in a second. He entered her so far she felt his balls settle against her ass. Continue reading

The Dry Spell 4

His lips found her neck, his arms wrapped tightly around her waist, almost crushing her. He gripped her like a drowning man. She pressed against him, reaching behind and grabbing his hair.

His hands left her waist and rose, pushing up her uniform shirt. His hands momentarily paused at her bra and then he lifted it up, her breasts falling out of the bra, her nipples as erect as soldiers. His hands grasped her, cupping her entire breast, letting her nipples sprout through his parted fingers.

“Jesus, Kate, I’ve wanted to do this…” he said, then twisted her and kissed her.

Her body bent back and down and all that held her up was his arms. She didn’t fight it, but kissed him back, tasting his lips, his tongue. As she kissed him even deeper, she heard him start to moan in the back of his throat, the vibration traveling up and through his body to hers. Continue reading

The Dry Spell 3

Jason didn’t say anything for a moment, but she heard the office door slam shut and a drawer open and close. She heard his breath as he stepped closer, now close enough that she could smell him. The clean scent of body wash and shaving cream.

“Do you know,” he said, “how long I’ve wanted to watch you do that?”

Kate smiled, her heart leaping and got ready to turn around, but Jason put his hands on her shoulders, keeping her steady.

“I didn’t say turn around. I just said I wanted to see that. I ALSO want to see you like this.” Continue reading

Top 10 sex posts week #2

Here’s our list of top ten sex posts for this week. If you have any suggestions for sex posts and/or sex blogs, please feel free to comment under this list. New top ten will be posted every Sunday, follow us on Twitter or by Email to keep track. Continue reading

The Dry Spell 2

It was past midnight when she made her mistake.

Jason squatted down, pulling a box between his knees to cut it open, and then pushed it against a shelf behind him. As he stretched, Kate once again saw the outline of his cock, only the tight jeans outlined it in detail. He was HUGE, much bigger than she thought and the heft of his balls rounded the denim fabric below. More than anything, Kate just wanted to…to…

She just wanted to be fucked, was all. Fucked hard, fucked long, fucked by someone that knew what he was doing. She wanted to be grabbed and be manhandled and just…fucked. That wasn’t too much to ask? Continue reading

The Dry Spell

Kate had to flip through the hospital’s calendar again to make sure, but after the third time, there was no denying it.

She hadn’t had sex for exactly one year.

Jesus! she thought. That’s horrifying.

Her last relationship had ended so horribly. Her boyfriend (EX-boyfriend reminded herself) had moved to Colorado, and it was good riddance. For two years they dated, then, one day, she saw an advertisement in a local newspaper for an exotic dancer. And, look and behold, there stood her boyfriend. Shirtless, eyes half-lidded, with the by-line reading “No Limits, No Rules” beneath him in script. Continue reading