A Nice Guy 4

Debbie peered down the aisle. No customers or workers. No cameras down this aisle either. Apparently this grocery chain didn’t worry about shoplifters slouching away with Italian food in their pockets.

She stepped close to Randy, close enough that her breasts brushed his arm.

He had time to say “Wha–” before Debbie seized the bulk of his cock beneath his khakis. Its heat baked through the cloth to her hand.

Randy cried out. Debbie shuffled closer, holding his cock with one hand and his cart with the other. With the sex deprivation he suffered, she wouldn’t be surprised if he came with just her touch.

“Is this what you need, Randy?” she whispered. Her fingertips teased him through his pants, brushing lightly at the base of his cock then running up its rigid length to gently nip the wide head.

A quarter-sized stain of pre-cum blossomed near the head and still he grew harder and larger. His eyes fixated on the carefully- manicured nails running over the smooth cotton.

“I…need that. Yes,” Randy said.

Debbie tugged his zipper down and reached in to free his sex. His cock popped out like a jack-in-the-box. The fuming swirl of lust suggested a hundred things to do with it. Her mind became a festival of pornography.

She wasn’t entirely in control either. Moisture swelled her pussy. Her dark skirt would conceal her excitement, so she didn’t share Randy’s situation, but at this moment she didn’t care about that.

His cock monopolized her attention. Debbie clasped its meaty shaft. Thick at the base, thicker at the head and without the strings of veins. Not too big to work with, but big enough to fill you. The RIGHT kind of big. And so goddamn hot in her hand…like holding wood enveloped in baked cotton.

If Earth ever held a beautiful cock contest, Randy’s would at least place, if not win.

Debbie pictured his engorged cock piercing her pussy and pinning her in whirlwind of grunts and thrusts.

She tightened her hand around him and pumped him. Normally she’d take more time, but they were in a grocery store. Something told her she wouldn’t have to wait long.

“We can’t…Debbie, oh fuck—” he stammered and shoved the cart forward a few tiles to the olive oil section. Debbie followed, not letting him go and when they stopped by the long shelf of green glass bottles, inspiration struck.

Her free hand detoured behind him to snatch a bottle of olive oil. Randy’s eyes followed her motion, so she leaned over and sucked his earlobe while she unscrewed the bottle of oil. She tipped a healthy dollop onto his cock.

Randy was mesmerized.

Her oiled stroke didn’t blur over his cock now but slowly milked it. His cock shined. Randy supported himself with the cart, and Debbie planted her foot under a roller to steady it.

She peeped up and down the aisle then whispered hot breath and hotter words into his ear.

“I want you to come for me. Thinking of coming on my tits, in my pussy, coming in my mouth–” Her teeth pulled at his earlobe. “You can do everything to me. Imagine my tight pussy swallowing your dick. I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard and soft. Now come for me, come for me…”

The pornographic images Debbie concocted delighted her…and incensed him. Her body ached for his touch, but it had to wait. She needed a release as well, but…If he touched her, they’d fuck right now, on the floor of this grocery store. They would keep fucking until the cops dragged them away. She couldn’t restrain herself.

And after having sex twice in the last year, she knew Randy couldn’t either.


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