Welcome to Kink Note!

The home of the best erotica and best sex stories!

Some stories are real, some are fiction…we’ll leave that to your imagination.
We add new stories every day, so check them all out on the Stories page or by clicking the list on the right.

Our sex stories are free and always will be. Soon, we will roll out the erotic story collections on Amazon and other online publishing sites. Think of it as a way to support us and this website. Plus, you’ll receive the ebook of your favorite stories.

If you have a private fantasy you’d like to read, or a suggestion for the site or stories, feel free to leave us a comment or email admin@kinknote.com and we will see what we can do for you. We’re here for you, after all.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @KinkNote or by email to stay updated. Each new follow makes our day (and your stories) a little better!

Thanks for reading. Stay Kinky!


About Kink Note

Free sex stories and erotic short stories, daily updates. Some stories are real, some are fiction. We'll leave that for you to decide. kinknote.com View all posts by Kink Note

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