The Dry Spell 5

Her orgasm was instantaneous and absolute. It ran through her body like sugared lightning. It built in her, causing her hips to jut up, her legs to spread even wider, and she saw the look of delight on Jason’s face…although it felt like she could barely see at all, since the orgasm blurred her vision.

An orgasm, she thought, is like God punching you…but in a really good way.

And then, before she even settled down in the seat, just as her orgasm tapered off, Jason slid into her.

She thought his size and year-long dry spell might make it difficult, maybe even impossible, for him to enter her but apparently not. Her juices did all the hard work, and she felt him go from only just the tip to buried in her in a second. He entered her so far she felt his balls settle against her ass.

Her toes curled up and out, as though making room for his cock in her, and her eyelids started to flutter. It felt beyond good, beyond great, beyond anything in the world. Sex, she knew, was the one thing that wouldn’t disappoint a person and Jason’s cock was proof.

Once he was inside her, Jason gave a long, agonized moan.

“You feel so good,” he breathed. “So tight.”

Kate couldn’t say a thing. It felt like her breath was knocked out of her. He seemed to fill up her entire body with his heat, and his being inside her was like being possessed. He wasn’t simply inside her. He was INSIDE her.

She didn’t think it could get better…until she realized he actually hadn’t moved yet. When he did, her pleasure erupted again, amazingly enough.

Her orgasm gushed. It flowed. It poured from her as she felt him withdraw almost all the way, with her pussy closing behind him and then his hips jutted forward again. It felt like he was entering her for the first time over and over again.

The second orgasm twisted through her in seconds, only the third time in her life she ever had two orgasms during the same outing. But, of course, it had never been as exciting as this.

Jason worked his cock in and out of her. He propped himself up against the chair, holding an armrest with one hand and grasping the desk with the other. His head was dipped down, and he was watching the shadow of his cock slip into her.

He looked up, caught her watching him and dropped one hand down, finding her clit and moving against it in a relentless circle. He knew what he was doing, not going too slow, not pressing too hard or too lightly. Her last boyfriend always did it too lightly, like she would break.

Jason knew she wouldn’t break.

Her body trembled even more and she thought, she KNEW that she would break a record this time. This time it would be three, for the first time in her life.

Kate wondered if a person’s pleasure center could simply…burn out?


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