The Dry Spell 4

His lips found her neck, his arms wrapped tightly around her waist, almost crushing her. He gripped her like a drowning man. She pressed against him, reaching behind and grabbing his hair.

His hands left her waist and rose, pushing up her uniform shirt. His hands momentarily paused at her bra and then he lifted it up, her breasts falling out of the bra, her nipples as erect as soldiers. His hands grasped her, cupping her entire breast, letting her nipples sprout through his parted fingers.

“Jesus, Kate, I’ve wanted to do this…” he said, then twisted her and kissed her.

Her body bent back and down and all that held her up was his arms. She didn’t fight it, but kissed him back, tasting his lips, his tongue. As she kissed him even deeper, she heard him start to moan in the back of his throat, the vibration traveling up and through his body to hers.

She wondered exactly how wet a woman could get?

He spun her around, breaking the kiss and tossing her into the manager’s leather chair. She sat down and saw him toss away a plastic ruler. He had smacked her—correction, he had SPANKED her—with that. She had never been spanked before and found the practice pretty exhilarating.

Jason grabbed Kate’s knees, pulling them apart and draping her legs over the armrests of the chair. She was exposed completely now, yawning wide open, everything visible to Jason’s greedy eyes, and she loved it. There was no mistaking his look, his need to engulf, suck, nibble, invade, HAVE, every inch of her. She loved it because she knew he loved it.

She pushed her hips forward, moving her pussy toward him, wanting him to do something to her. Or, more accurately, just DO her.

He smiled, dipped his head down and licked her, flattening his tongue and licking her with agonizing slowness up…and then…down…and then…up… His eyes watched her shimmy and shake in the chair.

It was unbelievably delicious torture. She knew she couldn’t come like that, only get hornier, hotter and wetter.

She tried moving her hips quickly against his tongue, wanting it to stay on the tender nub of her clit, but as soon as she did Jason pulled back. Instead, he reached down, lifting his cock up and bringing it to her.

He’s finally going to put it in me. Oh good—

But he didn’t. He took his cock, longer than her two hands together, thick and purple with a vein twisting it’s way to the wide mushroomed head, which dripped with pre-cum, and moved it against her pussy in a languid circle, around the lips, inside her lips, barely touching her where she needed touching most.

Kate watched, transfixed. This was…new.

Jason moved his cock faster, dipping its head briefly inside her to coat it with her juices and then moved it around her pussy again. After teasing her like this for a few minutes, although it felt like hours, he finally settled its head against her clit. That was all it took.


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