The Dry Spell 3

Jason didn’t say anything for a moment, but she heard the office door slam shut and a drawer open and close. She heard his breath as he stepped closer, now close enough that she could smell him. The clean scent of body wash and shaving cream.

“Do you know,” he said, “how long I’ve wanted to watch you do that?”

Kate smiled, her heart leaping and got ready to turn around, but Jason put his hands on her shoulders, keeping her steady.

“I didn’t say turn around. I just said I wanted to see that. I ALSO want to see you like this.”

“Like…like this?” Kate asked.

“Yep. Just like that. Except for one little difference. First, let me ask you something, okay?”

Kate nodded.

“We’re friends, right?”

“Of course.”

“We know each other pretty well? Can speak candidly to one another?”


“Then let me say something, something I wanted to say for months.” He stepped closer, his breath in her ear and on her neck. Her body tingled from his closeness, as though a jolt of electricity shot through her. It was almost like she could feel heat coming off him.

Jason whispered, “I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you hard, right now. Do you want me to?”

Kate’s body sagged. She wanted him to so badly she couldn’t speak. Her yes was caught in her throat. She nodded her head vigorously and then the words came, “Yes…please…”

“No problem,” he said, and she felt cold air as Jason yanked down her uniform bottoms, taking the panties with it. They bunched up around her ankles. She looked down and saw the dampness still staining the cotton fabric. She was getting wetter by the second now.

She felt him lift the fabric of her blouse, her skin straining to feel what would happen next.

And, of course, it was not was she expected.

Something WHAPPED smartly on her ass. It stung a little, but only a little. She felt blood rush to her skin. He smacked her with something. God, he was actually smacking her.

No, she corrected herself. He’s spanking you.

The realization made her body shiver, and she bent her back, sticking out her ass for him, wanting him to do it again.

Jason did. WHAP!

Kate bit her lip and moaned.


Kate felt herself got hotter and wetter. It seemed like she was gushing down her thighs, her juices pooling at her feet. If Jason touched her, just touched her now, she would come in seconds.

Instead, he spanked her again. WHAP! WHAP!

Her ass must look like a Tic-tac-toe board by now.

Then she felt his lips on the raw skin of her ass, cold, soothing kisses soothing away the sting of the spanking. Kate pushed her ass out even further, her head rolling from side to side. And when he kissed her THERE, she groaned louder, wanting him to take her. His tongue slipped into her, in one place and then the other. No one had ever done that. It was so…naughty.

“Do it now,” she said.

Jason sprang up and stepped behind her again, breathing in her ear. Instantly she felt something against her back, beating against her skin. It was long and unbelievably hard. She strained against it. Lifting herself. Trying to work it between her thighs from behind.


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