Top 10 sex posts week #2

Here’s our list of top ten sex posts for this week. If you have any suggestions for sex posts and/or sex blogs, please feel free to comment under this list. New top ten will be posted every Sunday, follow us on Twitter or by Email to keep track.

Dirty and delicious account of her best, wettest dream…plus it might remind you of your own sticky sentimentality. From g-spot

Reading erotica and self-satisfying? Time to buy some audiobooks! Post from play with gigi and iris

Support Adult Sex Ed Month this June by checking out this post… From adult sex ed month is cuming

Diaries…kinky…and…librarian? Yet somehow it works. Check out this posting from intentions, laughter and orgasms

A woman ready, willing and able to perform for her husband and he’s…not interested. Required reading for anyone with a libido. From husband says he feels like a prostitute

Do your girlfriends toys make you feel a little “short”-sighted? No worries. Check out this article. From is your boyfriend intimidated by your sex toys

Think back. The best moment with any new partner is usually that first kiss. Here’s a blog post about just that… From first kiss

Want to hear about Beyonce’s sex toys? Read this post from Beyonce’s sex toys

Logistical advice on buying a ring. A cock ring, that is. From cock ring

Interesting post, but let’s hope this women’s oral sex simulator doesn’t work too well, otherwise men (and some women) are out of luck. From oral sex simulator for women


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