The Dry Spell 2

It was past midnight when she made her mistake.

Jason squatted down, pulling a box between his knees to cut it open, and then pushed it against a shelf behind him. As he stretched, Kate once again saw the outline of his cock, only the tight jeans outlined it in detail. He was HUGE, much bigger than she thought and the heft of his balls rounded the denim fabric below. More than anything, Kate just wanted to…to…

She just wanted to be fucked, was all. Fucked hard, fucked long, fucked by someone that knew what he was doing. She wanted to be grabbed and be manhandled and just…fucked. That wasn’t too much to ask?

As these thoughts trampled through her head, Kate didn’t realize Jason was staring right at her.

He whistled and swung his hand back in forth in front of his crotch.

Kate blinked and looked up. Jason was smiling good-naturedly, but Kate was mortified. She turned and ran up the aisle, although she didn’t know were exactly she was running to.

She called back, “I’ve got to file this!” It was a terrible excuse, meaningless, but she had to say something.

The manager’s office yawned next to the register, so she went in and closed the door behind her. She plopped into the manager’s office chair, tipping back and feeling her face turn scarlet with embarrassment.

God, how could she go out there and face him? After staring at his cock like a zombie? Jesus–

And then her thought turned to his cock. Pushing against his jeans.

What would it look like if she unzipped his fly and pulled it out, moisture glistening on its tip, growing heavier and harder in her hand? What would feel like inside her? God, she’d be like the desert in a monsoon. She’d just suck him in…

A tingle slipped between her legs. She was horny. Beyond horny. Her engine had gotten started and unless she took care of it, it would rage on and on the whole night.

Knowing she didn’t have a choice, she slipped a hand down the elastic waist of her uniform, over her patch of pubic hair and touched herself.

She shivered. She was far hornier than she thought. Her hand would be soaked once she was done. But she didn’t have a choice.

Kate closed her eyes, settled her fingers on her clit, and moved in a hard circle. It was the easiest way to come if not the most exciting. No need to be seductive. Just fast and furious. She needed to get it done so she could go out and apologize or something.

In her imagination, she saw Jason’s cock, saw it enter her, her pussy spreading open around it, surrounding it, engulfing it. Inside her it would feel like hot iron, heavy and thick and hot and…

Her hand worked faster and she didn’t hear Jason’s soft knock as he opened the door.

But when he said, “Jesus…” she did open her eyes.
She yanked her hand out, absently wiping it on her uniform, and started to stammer an excuse.

“I thought…I locked it…I didn’t…”

“Jesus,” Jason repeated.

Kate wondered if he would report this. She didn’t want to lose her job. Masturbating at work, Christ, what the hell was wrong with her?

Jason said, “Stand up.”

She came shakily to her feet. “Look, Jason, please don’t…”

Then he said something unusual.

“Turn around and put your hands against the wall.”

She squinted. “What do you—”

“Turn around. Put your hands against the wall.” His voice had gotten short and staccato, and he took a step toward her.

She did what he asked, standing with her hands against the wall. Her panties seemed to hang beneath her, heavy from her excitement.


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