One o’Clock 3

Tom did. He struck her with the belt, hard enough to sting but not hurt. Her body rocked forward with each pass. Every few strikes she felt him kneel quickly and kiss the red welts, running his tongue along them and then she’d hear the whip of leather again.

It was ecstasy

Wetness trickled down her thighs, soaking them. Her pussy felt like a living thing between her legs, burning with blood and need.

“Put it in me,” she said.

Tom struck her once more. He put his hand against her sex, not rubbing only holding her. Her desire flared again, but she didn’t come yet. If he just twitched his fingers, she could. She started to rock her ass, but he held her.

“I am going to fuck you now. It won’t last long, but it will be hard and deep. As hard as I can. But it’s just the first one. Is that okay?”

Heidi nodded then squeaked “yes.”

Tom entered her. He filled her with heat. She came.

Her orgasm struck like lightning. It started in her sex, but spread through her body in a wave of white pleasure until it burst through her mouth in a scream. Then her body lightened and she leaned back, widening to accept his cock.

His hands held her hips tightly like her hips were made to shelves for his hands. He plundered her over and over, grunting with each thrust. She felt the weight of his balls slapping against her. If not for her wetness, she’d be in agony from his thrusts, but now she just wanted it harder.

Their rhythm came together, her pushing back with his thrusts, creating a combined friction that made her light-headed. Steve never fucked her like this. No one ever had. She put her forehead down and let him have her.

Tom reached beneath her. Heidi thought he was searching for the small center of her sex, but he didn’t. Instead he pressed his hand just above her patch of hair and pulled. Her body bent and suddenly the shaft of cock angled against the envelope of her pussy. Each thrust was like steel on flint, scrapping a shower of sparks from her.

This miraculous sensation started another fire in her. She was going to come again. Never had she come that quickly together. She leaned her head back, closing her eyes and spoke without thinking, “I love you, Tom,” she said.
Tom’s cock slowed then paused.

Heidi realized what she had said. She knew she should say something now to take it back, but she didn’t want to. Stuck in this compromising position, she realized it was true. She did love him.

Tom pulled himself out. Heidi wanted to cry. She had ruined it. Tom would leave now. When she turned her head she saw it was not quite two o’clock. Still hours left.

She felt Tom’s hand press against her side and turn her over. She fell to her back on the bed, keeping her legs wide in the hope that it wasn’t over. Tom stood naked, tall, well-muscled, a frost of dark hair on his chest. His cock rose like an exclamation, red and shining from her juices. She wanted him inside her again. She’d beg for it.

Tom didn’t look angry but amazed.

“Do you?” he asked. Gone was the domineering lover. Tom sounded almost boyish.

Heidi nodded. “I do,” she said. It was true.

Now Tom kneeled between her legs and floated over her, his lips on hers. His hazel eyes bored into her blue ones. He kissed slowly, softly. This was far from the frantic fucking. This was lovemaking.

When Tom entered her this time it was with delicacy. She saw the crest of his pleasure in his eyes and she knew he could see hers.

Tom took his time and entered her deeply but slowly.
Heidi rolled her eyes to the side and two things filled her with joy.

The first was that the rise of her orgasm hadn’t disappeared. It rose in her again.

The second was that it was only two o’clock.

One o’Clock 2


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