One o’Clock 2

Tom kissed her. He pressed so hard against her that a crowbar couldn’t tear their bodies apart. He attacked her with his lips. His tongue shoved into her, finding her own and exploring. She felt the hardness of his teeth, the gentle texture of his own tongue and his breath pumped against her cheek through his nose.

Then he broke the kiss, yanked her head back and fell to her neck. He bit her, he sucked her, he licked her. Only his arms held her up.

Already her panties were soaked through. She wore light jeans and she was pretty sure she started to soak through those too. It took Steve ten or fifteen minutes to get her aroused. Usually he didn’t bother and just used KY. Tom got her wet in seconds.

He pushed her back against the bed and she fell on it. Tom smiled down at her.

“Take off your shirt,” he said.

She did.

“And your bra,” he added. She did. Her breasts fell free and she held her shoulders back, keeping them pointed and perky. His eyes crawled over them and made her wetter.

He reached down and undid her pants, hooked his fingers under her waist and they came off, panties too. In less than twenty seconds, he got her naked.

“Christ you look good,” Tom said.

As before, Heidi didn’t feel self-conscious around Tom. It wasn’t because he was so kind or gentle. He was mostly nice, but he could be an asshole. Looking down at the hardness growing in his jeans, she knew why. There was no doubt that she turned him on and that put her at ease.

Tom lifted her legs and plucked off her socks one at a time, pausing to kiss the top of each foot.

“Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, huh?” he asked.

“I thought you like it,” Heidi said. “Read it when you get back home.”

“I read it last night. Stayed up until three in the morning. Turn over.”

She thought of the book’s dark eroticism. It had been her introduction to sex in her early teens and having him read it was like him knowing her fantasies. She turned over instantly. She wanted to squeeze her legs together to caress her swollen pussy, but Tom’s hands held her feet.

“On all fours,” he said. Now he sounded breathless.

She obeyed, rising to all fours and exposing herself entirely to him. The room was lit by sunlight and Heidi knew she was revealing every secret inch of her body. She hadn’t shaved in a few days either, but it didn’t bother her. She knew Tom didn’t care.

She heard the slip of cotton and dangle of a belt. Tom was now naked as well. She pushed herself back, spreading herself even further. She wanted him to just fuck her. As hard as he could. She knew she’d come as soon as he entered her.

Instead, she heard the jangle of his belt again and then felt the smoothness of cold leather against her ass.

Knowledge flooded into her. She put her head down and moaned into the sheets.

The belt struck her buttocks very lightly. No pain.

“Do you want this?” Tom asked.

Heidi nodded, too embarrassed to say it out loud. But she did want it. She had wanted it since she was thirteen, ten years ago.

“You have to say it,” Tom said.

“I want it.”

“What do you want? Say it.”

Heidi moaned, “I want you to spank my ass.”

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