A Birthday Present 4

Then other hand rose and slipped out her other breast and the ice cube fell on her again.

“…fuck…” she said. She pushed it forward, needing him to extinguish the agony of the cold on her, but John only put out his tongue and licked it lightly and then swallowed her again.

Her thighs were coated now.

“Now,” she said. “Fuck me now.” She kissed him hard.

John nodded and stood up quickly, grabbing the winter coat and shoving it onto his seat. When he sat again, he was four inches higher in the air, giving her legs plenty of room…and allowing him to slip into her completely.

Mary straddled him, lifting herself up. There was no fumbling and stumbling to work him in. As soon as she lowered herself, his cock popped right into her. She lowered herself and felt him fill her. His cock was hard, hot and heavy and its thickness stretched her apart, making her spread her thighs even further. She wanted to take him all in.

She didn’t bounce her hips on him but rolled them. She could feel the length of his cock pressing against the sensitive sheath of her pussy. His mouth and hot breath burned between her breasts. His hands reached under her, digging his fingers into each cheek, but let her guide the rhythm.

Her first orgasm came quickly and although she cried aloud, the roar of the movie drowned her out. They couldn’t see what was happening, but the sound of a rusty chainsaw filled the theater. She dug her nails into his shoulders, pressing herself into him, rolling her hips faster. She whimpered with each thrust, tucking her head down. John looked up at her, his mouth open. He strained to kiss her and she lunged her head down, her open mouth meeting his.

A throat cleared only five feet away. Before Mary even turned her head she could feel in the invading flashlight beam on her face and then run down the length of her partially-unsheathed body.

A acne-scarred usher stood there, a gotcha grin pasted across his face. Without a word, he aimed the flashlight at the exit door, then back at them.

“Get out of here,” he said. “I’d get fired if I just let you be.”

Mary breathed a quick thank you, slid herself off Tom and then hustled down the aisle and out the door into the parking lot, her face sunburned with embarassment. She hurried to the car, dropping the keys twice before pressing the unlock button.

Tom came out afterwards, caucually straightening his clothes. He didn’t look embarassed at all. Just put-out.

“Typical man,” Mary said to the empty car.

A Birthday Present 3


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