A Perfect Fit 5

“Oh G-God,” she said, surprised at her trembling voice.

Sean stood up, the juices from her pussy coating his face. He smiled roughly and said, “I told you to be quiet, didn’t I?”

He planted a hand over her mouth and worked at his belt. His pants fell to the ground in a metallic clatter of change and car keys and then she felt his hard, thick cock plunge into her.

The pleasure galvanized her, and her breath pumped through her nose, her mouth held tightly by Sean’s hand. His cock was huge, and filled her with stiff, luscious heat. Again and again it slammed into her, sliding almost all the way out and then coming back inside her with enough force to shake the changing room wall. The liquid sounds of their lust echoed in the small room.

Laura knew if Sean didn’t have his hand over her mouth, she’d be screaming.

His eyes were on her, deep and hazel, watching her face and she looked back at him, her eyes blinking with every thrust. His eyes were planets of desire. A man had never looked at her this way before, a mix of emotion and pure hunger. He grunted with each thrust inside her and she saw, just as she felt another delirious wave of heat lapping from her pussy, that his time was coming as well.

She lifted her arms off the hook over her head and dropped them over his neck, bringing his head down on her neck. His breath steamed out against her skin and he held her against the wall, diving into her again and again.

His hips sped up, and Laura’s orgasm burst in her again just as she felt the spasms of pleasure and then string of warmth as Sean came inside her. His cock continued, but slowed and slowed until Laura felt her body lower to the ground.

His cock left her and, as always, there was that heart-breaking moment of loss and absence. She wanted him to stay in her.

Sean collapsed to the bench, looking up at her and his hand reached for her hip. His cock trembled in the air, still impressively swollen and purple. Laura legs felt weak and she didn’t think she’d ever put them together again…or want to.

“Now do you know I think you’re attractive?” he asked, his breath coming in gasps.

Laura laughed, straightening her skirt and matting down her hair. “Pretty sure you do now.”

“I do…can you just do me one favor?”

“More than I already did?”

Sean smiled. “A little more. You see, I still need to head over to Nordstrom’s…”

A Perfect Fit 4


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