A Perfect Fit 4

He lifted her as he stroked, her boots rocking on the changing room carpeting. Sean was looking down.

“Did I tell you how fucking sexy boots are to me?” he said.

Laura gasped. She had never heard him swear before. He was full of surprises. His hand left her, her legs trembling and weak. Sean reached over, grabbing something on the bench, and then came back.

He looked to the side and then dragged her across the carpeting. Her feet scrambled to keep up, and when they reached the clothes hook, they stopped.

Sean raised the twisted ties and then wrapped them around her hands, knotting them loosely. Then he let go of her and stood back.

Laura knew she could easily lift her hands off the hook and be free…but she didn’t want to. She liked the feeling of helplessness…or rather she liked the feeling of being helpless for him, giving him control and letting him DO everything to her.

Sean looked up and down her body and moved his hand in his slacks, rearranging the weight pushing against his slacks and Laura wanted to touch it. Needed to touch it.

But not yet. Now she just wanted Sean to take her.

She smiled and moved her legs apart, her skirt lifting over her hips.

Sean smiled and fell to his knees between her legs. Laura looked down and saw his head disappear under her skirt. And then she just felt.

“Don’t make a sound,” Sean said. “Or we’ll get busted.”

Laura nodded and strained her hips forward, wanting, NEEDING Sean to touch her.

She felt his hands on her thighs, moving in slow, hard circles. He touched everything except her…her…

Your pussy, Laura thought. You want him to lick your pussy. Don’t be coy.

Laura willed him to touch her.

Sean said, “I’ll buy you a new pair, okay?”

Laura was about to say What? when she felt Sean’s hands lift and then violently tear the fabric of first her pantyhose then the satin of her panties. In a second, she felt her nudity, with Sean’s mouth only inches away.

She pinched her mouth shut to keep from crying out.

Sean didn’t weight. As soon as she was exposed, Sean’s mouth fell on her pussy, his tongue licking the tender folds, spreading her lips apart and darting in between. He reached up and lifted her thighs on his shoulders, pressing her shoulders against the wall. She wasn’t even aware of it. All she felt was his hot tongue moving in quickening circles around the tender nub of her clit.

A fluttering burn started from where Sean’s tongue worked and then tore at her nerves, moving like liquid gold up her body. She froze, trying to hold onto the orgasm as long as she could until it eventually burst like a dam. Her head swam, her eyes felt like they would bulge out and drop with heavy plops onto the floor.

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