A Perfect Fit 3

His tongue slipped between her teeth, feeling her teeth, finding her tongue and then entwining it.

Laura pressed her whole body on him, the delightful glow in her thighs flaring up even more. Especially when she felt his substantial…VERY substantial…hardness against her belly.

Sean pressed back and Laura suddenly knew this wasn’t a flirty kiss. This was happening. Her head felt light, but her body felt…everything.

Sean broke off the kiss and stared down at her. He was smiling, but his smile looked cruel, almost like a sneer. Very different than the Sean from ten minutes. Very different and very welcome.

Sean reached down and grabbed Laura’s wrists, lifting them over her head and shoving her entire body against the changing room wall. The mirror rattled and the slacks she had thought of buying fell to the floor.

His roughness almost knocked the wind out of her, but Laura knew her breathlessness had nothing to do with hitting the wall. Or maybe it had everything to do with it.

Sean held her hands high above her head, pulling her skirt over her thighs. Sean smiled, pushing his head forward and then pulling back from her searching lips. And did it again. And again.

“That’s mean,” Laura said.

“It is,” Sean said and then crossed her wrists together over her head. “I can be mean sometimes.” His hand dropped down and Laura closed her eyes.

His fingers ran down the cool length of her arm, against the line of her jaw and over her neck and then reached down and lifted the swaddled weight of her breast. She closed her eyes, moaning and leaning her head back.

“Quiet,” Sean said.

He popped two buttons of her dress and then reached his hand in, slipping inside her bra. The heat of his hand held the heat of her breast and her nipple hardened against his palm. Sean rolled her nipple between his fingers and buried his face in her neck, kissing and gently biting the sensitive skin.

Laura’s head swam. She never expected Sean to do something like this, something so…exciting. The fact that she thought him such a sissy only made it more exciting. She rolled her head to the side, giving Sean access to her bare skin and his mouth worked on her, soft lips, softer tongue, the light scrap of his teeth, and his breath hot.

The heat between her thighs grew and she felt the welcoming wetness sliding down her skin.

“Oh God…”

“Quiet…” Sean growled against her throat. “They can’t see us but they can hear.”

Laura nodded. “We could go back to my place,” she said. “Or even the CAAA—“

Sean hand snaked between her thighs. He opened his hand wide, spreading her legs apart and then lifted his hand, cradling her crotch. He worked his hand on her, rocking slowly and Laura knew her panties and pantyhose were soaked. She didn’t care. She was just glad to meet this Sean. She liked the other Sean, but this one she REALLY liked.

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