A Perfect Fit

Laura liked men who took their time, but Sean’s glacially slow pace was too much. In three weeks Laura had five dates with Sean and all she had to show was a single chaste kiss by her apartment door. Close-mouthed.

Blue balls would handicap most men by now, but Sean didn’t seem affected. Patient and pleasant as always. It infuriated her.

Laura liked a little restraint and even liked being teased, but now she doubted her mating abilities.

Now, looking at herself in the Macy’s changing mirror, she couldn’t understand why Sean acted so monastic.

Her outfit balanced on that fine line between conservative sheik and restrained slut. Her skirt had just enough looseness to look casual, but short enough so that her feminine hips and nude pantyhose caught attention. Combined with the long, black boots she wore…

She looked pretty fucking good. What was his problem?
When he picked her up today, Laura expected a secret once over from Sean or maybe a look that lingered on her breasts too long. Or maybe she’d catch him staring at her ass.

But no. Sean told her she looked wonderful and stamped a quick kiss on her cheek. His lips felt dry.

Laura believed this entire relationship might be a bust.
Someone knocked politely on the door of the changing room. It had to be Sean. He probably needed suggestions on brands of tube socks, she thought. Or an opnion on some crew neck Hanes T-shirts. She smiled to herself then felt guilty. Sean didn’t deserve that.

“Hello?” she said.
“It’s Sean, Laura,” Sean said through the door. “Are you decent?”
Laura rolled her eyes. When she jerked open the door, there Sean stood.

He held up two of the most boring ties on the planet. Solid color. One red. One blue.

“If I wasn’t decent,” Laura said, “Opening the door wouldn’t be the worst thing, you know.” Could she make herself any clearer.
“Sorry to bug you–”
“You’re not,” she interrupted.
“–but I needed a second opinion,” Sean said.
“On those two ties?”

Sean nodded, holding them up. Tall, handsome and well-built Sean. Smart and witty. A good job. A nice car. Dressed well. Always smelled good…

She liked Sean. But if she had to crawl for sex this early in their relationship, then they didn’t stand a chance. As much as she liked Sean, Laura was pretty sure this was their last date.

She opened the door wider and gestured Sean in. They needed to talk. “Plenty of room,” she said.

Sean hesitated for a moment then stepped in. Right there, Laura thought. Most guys would jump at sharing a changing room with an attractive brunette in leather boots. Sean, on the other hand, had to think about it.

Laura tilted her head back to look at him, almost a foot above her head. But he wasn’t looking at her. Sean kept glancing nervously at the closed door.

“Don’t worry, Sean, you’re safe. Cameras everywhere,” Laura said.
Sean shook his head. “Not here. My nephew worked here last spring. They took the cameras out of the changing rooms after they find a security guy selling the tapes.”

“Really?” Laura thumped the warning sign with her palm. “So that’s bullshit?”
“It is. Now, about these ties…” He held them up again. “Which one do you like?”
“Honey, they’re equally ugly,” Laura said. Sean’s smile drooped.
“Really?” he asked.
Inspiration struck her.

“Hey, I could use your help.” She postured herself on the bench and stretched a booted foot out demurely. “Could you get this off for me so I can try on these slacks? They’re a little tight.”

Sean’s hand immediately fell on her boot and Laura felt—or thought she felt–his fingers give it a vise-like squeeze.


A Perfect Fit 2


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