Dinner’s Ready 2

Suddenly, from the tired, sleepy guy who just wanted to eat something and fall asleep I became a hungry wolf. I got closer to the table, moved the chair on the side. Separated her knees even more with my hands and got on my knees.

I started eating, licking. Food never tasted better as I ate my way to her eager pussy, she moaned. “O-oh yes” her voice was screaming satisfaction, screaming pleasure.

Filled my stomach with mashed potatoes, sauce and meat I finally reached her flesh, ripping it apart gently with my teeth. I sucked with my lips, my tongue went rouge from the bottom to the top of her pussy.

She grabbed my hair with her hand and pulled my head up, she looked at me with those eager eyes, wanting everything tonight. She took the pot of mashed potatoes next to her, grabbing a handful and spread it all over her pussy.

Her finger dipped in, putting some in her pussy. She released my hair and I licked it all up again, sucked my dinner out of her. Her moans were beautiful, the food was delicious and her pussy fresh.

Mine and only mine I knew. To lick and fuck, to slap and suck.

I got up, pulled her hand and filled her mouth with my rock-hard member. All the way in and out. She spat on it and again I filled her. Dripping wet, both my cock and her pussy I pulled her legs up in the air, pushing my cock against her.

Between her pussy lips with my entire length. I spread her apart, penetrating. She gasped in pleasure. I pushed deeper, spreading her pussy tissue in its wetness. Filling her completely I swayed my hips, still holding her legs.

Her buttocks jiggled with each slap. Squeezing her breasts and moaning, twitching on the table. I stopped and pulled my dick out, grabbed her hair and led her to the bedroom. The walls were orange, the bed was large, covered in black and red sheets.

I threw her on it in. “You’ve been a bad girl” I said before pushing her to lay on her belly. I her legs were spread only a little and I got on her. My dick penetrating her tight pussy, little by little I made my way through.

My hips laid on her warm and soft buttocks. My dick was harder with each her throb, with the tightness that surrounded my cock. I laid completely on her, swaying my hips.

She gasped for breath, moaned. She held her breath, screamed.

“Y-yes, yes, I’ve been a bad girl” She said between her moans. I smiled and pulled my cock out, rubbing the very top over her anus. “You know what bad girls get” I said. “They get a thick cock in their ass. A thick cock to fill them with cum” I continued.

I took the ball gag from the drawer. “We don’t want to disturb the neighbors” I said, putting it in her mouth, strapping it over her head. “Yes, Daddy” She mumbled before it was completely in her mouth, before she opened it eagerly.

I laid back on her. On her sweet, soft buttocks. My dick penetrating her as, she was silent, in between the screams that is. She was so tight that it took me a few minutes to get all the way in, to make it comfortable for a fuck.

I swayed my hips faster and stronger then ever, tears started to roll over her cheeks before I came in her. Before I filled her with my juice, my cock fully surrounded by her flesh.

I took the gag off and hugged her tightly. “Are you alright” I said, laying next to her.

“Y-yes, Daddy” She said with a little tremble in her voice. “Thank you” She continued.

I hugged her tighter and we fell asleep.

Dinner’s ready 1


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