Dinner’s Ready

That day I woke up exactly at 6am, a quick shower, brushed my teeth, kissed my still sleepy wife and went to work.

We lived in this relatively small house we bought back in December, every day has been a new journey on its own. A few weeks ago I started working again and ever since it has been the same thing every day.

I got up early, rushed out the house, worked all day and when I got back home all the energy I had left was to eat the dinner and fall asleep. A rest much needed.

Today was different, work was as usual, chatting people in open houses, receiving dozens of phone calls where I had to pretend to be something I’m not. In fact, pretend to be something I actually didn’t like.

To sell houses to people, to convince them that its the perfect house no matter how poorly it was constructed, hiding away details just for the sale. Heck I needed the money but selling those houses was a dream not come true.

Doesn’t mean I’m not good at it, most of my sales were girls I managed to flatter or convince that its the perfect place, may have promised myself as well a few times but heck I had a wife, and a good one.

So anyway, she, my wife called me at lunch time. I always had lunch in this rustic Italian place that had all sorts of things, from a quick snack to a full table dinner. “Hows my busy bird” She said in her cute voice, pillow talk over the phone.

“I’m good, lunch, dinner and you are the best part of my day, Hun”

She giggled over the phone. “I miss you” She said.

“Just calling to make sure you’ll be home for dinner around 7” She continued.

“Most definitely” I answered before my phone beeped, signaling another phone call.

“Gotta go, see you tonight” I said, answering the other call.

The boss called and I continued the dreadful day at work.

7pm couldn’t not come quicker, but it came and I was on my way home, my tiresome eyelids slowly drifted off. I was trying to stay awake, to just get home and rest. Not to mention I haven’t had sex in weeks.

Life was not supposed to be this tiresome, boring.

I opened the door. “I’m home” I shouted.

“In here” She answered from the kitchen.

“Dinner will be ready in five, wait on the couch” She said, I went to the couch.

Tick tack. Tick tack.

“Dinners ready” She said from the kitchen again.

I got up on my tired legs, I opened the kitchen door and was shocked.


My wife was laying naked on the table with smashed potatoes and sauce with pieces of meat between her legs, covering her pussy.

“Dinner’s ready” She said, looking at me with a smile.

Dinner’s ready 2


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