Putting in Some Overtime 5

I smiled, and then moved my feet between hers, spreading her legs apart even wider, and then grabbed my cock. Still hard as concrete, I positioned my cock between her thighs. I felt the heat of her pussy baking off her like cookies and I aimed the head at the fleshy parting of her mound. I pulled my finger from her ass slowly, and then, as I entered her, I slipped two fingers in her ass. She leaned her body forward and lifted her ass higher, accepting me with a satisfied grunt. Her shyness was gone.

I watched my cock enter her, slowly, and then pulled it back. It shined with her juices and the tight heat of her pussy made me lean my head back. I couldn’t watch, as much as I wanted to, because I’d burst in seconds. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, concentrating. Each minute was a mix of agony and ecstasy and each of my thrusts was greeted with a “Oh” from her.

I peered down to see her lean forward even more, standing on her tiptoes. Her painted toes rocked on the linoleum floor. It didn’t take long before she met each of my thrusts with her own. The slap of her naked skin filled the room and her groans became quicker and more insistent.

I pulled my fingers from her ass and dipped my hand beneath her, resting my other hand on her back to steady myself. My fingers found her pussy beneath her thighs, swollen with the heft of my cock, and I massaged her hard clit in swift circles, pressing firmly.

“Oh, oh, oh, OOH,” she cried and in seconds her body stiffened beneath me. She stood straight on her toes like a nude ballerina and her hand sneaked between her thighs to close over mine, squeezing and pressing. Her bronze skin quiver with her orgasm and it was enough to set me over the edge. I let it happen. I entered her as deeply as I could, pushing myself in to the hilt. The strength of my orgasm blinded me and I felt wave after wave of cum spill into her, dowsing her pussy deeply.

We stayed like that, frozen and bent over the desk, the sweat drying on our bodies. I stayed inside her until my cock shrank again and I felt the warm dribble of cum as I pulled out of her.

I bent down and kissed her back again, slowly and softly.

“So,” I said, “Want to get some dinner?”

Putting in Some Overtime 4


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