Putting in Some Overtime 4

Below that quivering ass was the swollen mound of her pussy, plump, pink lips shimmering with wetness. She smelled delicious, her perfume mixing with the heavy scent of her salty sex. If they made an air freshener that smelled like that, I’d buy them by the case.

I didn’t just want to suck and fuck. As fun as that is, it never lasts long. No, I wanted to make this memorable for her. So I decided to surprise her. I yanked her hips back even more, kneading my fingers into the flesh of her cheeks and spread them wide apart. She groaned. I bent my head down to the dark crack of her ass and lapped at the shaved heat of her pussy, rising up to pass over her ass and then to her back. Her pussy and ass tasted like hot salt, but before she had a chance to finish the moan, I bent back down and ran my tongue over the crinkled skin of her asshole.

She moaned quieter now, almost like she was embarrassed, but I knew she liked it. Not all women like anal but almost all like getting a long, slow rimjob. I worked her cheeks apart again and again, moving them in slow circles as my tongue went round and round her ass, pausing to prod gently every few seconds.

Her weight settled forward slowly and I felt her hands slid slowly over mine, pulling her ass apart to make my job easier. Minutes passed by with her secret nerves tingling under the attention of my tongue.

Not wanting her to get too comfortable, I pulled back. The strip of flesh between her legs and the inside of thighs now dripped with wetness from my probing tongue and her dripping pussy. I looked up at her and saw her eyes closed tightly, her mouth open and hungry on the laminated desktop.

I reached down between her thighs, lifting up until I felt the loose lips of her hot pussy, then slipped two fingers inside her. I moved them in a slow circle, coating them with her juices. She breathed out a sigh, her thighs squeezing and shuffling to move my fingers deeper. I waited until her juices coated my fingers and then pulled them out.
“Wha–” she started to say but before she could finish I pushed a finger gently but firmly into her ass. The effect was instantaneous. Her head lifted in surprise, her mouth opened and I waited to see if she would moan in protest, pain or pleasure. Or all three.

The moan came slowly, rising and then falling again as her head returned to the table. Just pleasure. Dirty, dark pleasure. I moved my finger slowly, feeling her asshole clench down and release, clench and release, like a tiny mouth.

“Tell me you like it,” I whispered.

“I like it. I like it,” she said.

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