Putting in Some Overtime 3

Lisa obeyed. Even before I touched her I could see the rapid rise and fall of her chest, and the sudden creeping flush of red in her face. Once a man gets some experience, you discover anticipation was the best foreplay of all.

With my head the level of her belly, my first reaction was grabbing her hips, lifting her blouse and licking the velvet of her pubis, but I didn’t.

I said, “Turn around”.

Again she obeyed.

Now I stared at the muscled curve of her ass which rose in a delicious wave from the arch of her back. This was the moment I waited for and my relaxed demeanor ended. My erection jutted against the zipper of my jeans, the sensitive head worming through my boxers and scrapped on my zipper. I reached down and unzipped it, letting my cock pop out.

I pushed my hand against her back, pushing her down on the desk. Lisa’s palms smacked the desk calendar, knocking over a cup of pens. She cried out when I hooked my fingers into her belt loops and pulled her ass back toward me. I put both my hands on her lower back and ran them down over her hips and then cupped her ass, squeezing her cheeks tightly. I kneaded her flesh in my hands and she arched her back even more, lifting her head up and groaning.

“God, I have fucking wanted this,” she said.

“You didn’t make a secret of that,” I said and then ran my fingers around to the fly of her jeans. My fingers snapped the button and tugged the zipper and her tight jeans loosened. I put my fingers beneath the edges, being sure to catch the elastic of her panties as well and then yanked everything down to her ankles.

And there was the tanned nakedness of Lisa’s ass. Right there. Fuck.

Round and flawless and tanned. No modest undies for this girl in the tanning bed. My mouth fell on her warm skin, kissing her cheeks as I worked them between my hands, digging my fingers in. She pushed against me and rocked with my hard kisses and soft bites. I left her jeans and panties bunched around her feet, liking the look of the denim and pink silk. They were like cloth handcuffs around her ankles.

I pushed her cheeks together and then apart and saw the darker seam of flesh between her cheeks and then the tight, dark hole of her ass. By this point my erection rose like a purple post. I won’t lie and say I have a massive cock, but it’s bigger than average and when I get really turned on it feels like a fence post.

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