Bedtime story [Adult]

Once lived a princess, far far away. She was a beautiful princess who lived in the tallest tower of all kingdom. Her days were filled with joy and smiles, however each night she would cry. In the day everything was great, she walked over the green green grass, her servants were her friends.

All the men in the kingdom looked at her with lust, their eyes rolled down when she caught them glimpsing her round buttocks or her fruitful breasts, perhaps her beautiful face, the most beautiful in the kingdom.

She was sad because she wasn’t allowed to be with any of the men, nor friends with any of the women. All of them looked at her with a fake smile because she was a princess.

One morning, the sun barely breached the skies, she sneaked out the castle, wearing her servants clothes. She would have been just a regular girl she thought.

She walked around the city, all the men were not looking away anymore, they even pinched and teased her. She enjoyed it, she did want to be just like any other stranger on the streets after all.

A man approached her. “lovely lady” he said with a loud voice. “what are you doing all alone In these streets” he continued. His breath smelled, his clothes were decent enough, almost as if he had stolen them from a royal.

She stood there in silence, her voice was paralyzed, she couldn’t have spoke. She continued walking but the man followed her. He grabbed her hand “come with me” he said. Her heart startled, she was scared now. She tried to escape his grip but he was too strong for her

Walking past an ally he took her to a tavern. Not many paid attention as they moved to the upper floors. He led her in a room, ripped all her clothes off. She wanted to scream but she couldn’t.

He tied her on the bed. ran his fingers over her smooth virgin body, then he sat on the chair looking at her. She was whimpering in fear but she knew he wouldn’t hurt her, she saw it in his eyes, he wasn’t as violent as he looked.

A few moments passed and she relaxed a little, her pussy was a little wet from the touches. Now she was eager, she wanted more “t..touch me” she whimpered

The man smiled and got up, moving closer to her. his fingers ran along her body again, she enjoyed the sensation of every touch. “b…be gentle” she whispered again with tears in her eyes.

The man took his clothes off. knelt at her legs, his face was buried between her buttocks as he licked and spat on her pussy.

He then got on her, pushed his hard cock in her tight innocent pussy, buried it deep, she screamed a little, but his hands muted the sound as he pushed deeper

“yes, yes, yes” she moaned between her short breaths, his hands held her mouth tight. She was the most beautiful princess but this is what she dreamed of every night in the castle.

She dreamed of a cock going deep in her, she dreamed of getting fucked roughly and loudly, she dreamed of a man sweating over her innocent body as she moaned in pleasure.

He fucked her faster, his cock surrounded by her tight pussy, pressing it tighter in. He came deep inside her, in the middle of her screams. Her butt was a little red from the pounding

He untied her but before she went “can i come tomorrow” she said looking down at his feet, completely naked.


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