Away From Home 3

I woke up a bit later that day but still too early for anyone to be up. It was Sunday morning, sun was shining, this was the last day of my visit. I knew I had to finish things up with Shannon. The sexual energy between us has built greatly since I first saw her.

She came out of her room around 10am, dressed up. She was going out for a couple of hours.. Perhaps its better that way, I had the chance to catch up with Ivor, after all I was visiting him. We went for a walk again, he asked about me and Shannon but my mouth was sealed on the subject.

I just nodded, avoided giving any straight answers. But in the end I spilled, “its just a sex thing” I said. “Well, at least for now. We haven’t even talked directly to each other much”. He nodded, I continued “We’ll see, I’ll try to make sure with her that she knows this, I don’t want to hurt her feelings”.

“Friends with benefits” He said with a smile. I smiled too “yea” I said.

We had launch outside and came back after a few hours. Shannon was still out. Ivor and I assumed our positions on the couch and practically haven’t moved for hours besides bathroom trips.

Shannon came home later In the day, it was around 6pm, she went to her bedroom for less then half an hour before joining us on the couch in her comfy clothes. Now, we were still trying to hide the connection in front of Ivor and his girlfriend even though it was pretty obvious.

She covered herself with the blanket again, sat close to me. The night was starting to fall. Soon the only light in the room was of the tv and from the kitchen so its not too dark.

We didn’t drink that evening but at a certain point we started to cuddle. From holding our hands, to our feet touching we moved closer and closer to each other, no longer caring about the two who were in the room with us.

I lifted my hand, put it around her, she leaned closer, her head was on my shoulder. We kissed silently and continued to watch tv. All my attention was focused on her, her hand moving over mine, her head on my shoulders.

Ivor was going through the tv channels, as it was getting late in the night he stumbled upon a porn program, the old, 80’s porn was on. A mid twenties girl with only on her head and on/above her pussy. The man, also in his twenties licked her in all possible positions.

A little embarrassment was in the room, Ivor didn’t want to change the program but he did after we all had a good laugh.

Shannon stood up, took my hand and led me to her bedroom. As we were walking she said “Good night” to the two and so did I. So did they. I could see the curious look on their faces, they were also happy for us.

She closed the door, and we laid on the bed, cuddling. We kissed and kissed. My hands moved over her hips, breasts and ass. Her hands were around my body. I moved on top of her, my hips swaying in her crotch over our clothes.

I took her shirt off, she took my pants off. We kissed more. I took my shirt off she took her pants off. We kissed more.

We were in our underwear. I enjoyed foreplay as much as I enjoyed sex, perhaps even more. The touches of our hot bodies, skin on skin. The kisses. Slight moans, passion. My member hard on her pussy.

I took her panties off and started to get down on her. She pulled me up, pulled my boxers down. I was hard, she was wet. She grabbed a hold of my dick, rubbing the top between her wet pussy lips.

I entered her, twitched a little, her breath short, intense as her pussy cracked open over my dick. I moved further, she twitched more grasping me harder.

I moved my hips faster and faster, leading her to a moan-full orgasm, another one. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I pulled, out ejected all over her pussy, stomach. Some of it ended up on her face.

I kissed her once, twice. She got up to take a towel, to clean herself up. We laid next to each other. She ran her fingers over my belly, few moments after and I was getting hard again.

We had sex three times that night. I barely woke up in the morning, sore muscles, my eyes barely opened. It was 10am, Monday. She had to go to college. I kept sleeping after she left.

2pm came quickly and I was on my way home. Carrying my bag, her phone number and a delightful memory.

Away From Home 2


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