Away From Home 2

I sat straight on the couch. As she went back to her room I made sure to catch a glimpse of her ass again before she closed the door. We said nothing more then “good morning”. Last night, there was definitely a connection, but we were yet to see where it led us.

Soon after she came back in the living room. The door opened, she was dressed up this time, sat next to me on the couch, I moved a little. Again, not many words were spoken, the tv was on. Ivor entered the room from his bedroom, sat on the couch when he finished with the bathroom.

A casual chit-chat before we decided to go for a walk, me and Ivor. We visited the nearby castle which stood there for centuries, renovated. A wooden bridge separated it from the city. We walked around. Re-telling our childhood stories, remembering all the things we did.

Back to the apartment, lunch was ready and the three of us sat to eat. Shannon was in her room, “not hungry she said”. The day was going fast, mostly sitting on the couch, watching tv. But neither of us cared much about it. Constantly aware of each other company. Of how close we sat together.

I decided to take a shot, my hand moved over the couch to hers. I gently touched while no one was looking. When we were left alone for short moments we used the opportunity to sit closer to each other. My hands were on her inner thighs.

She covered herself with a blanket. Her hand on mine as I moved it over her soft flesh. We still haven’t spoke. We were careful, I don’t know why but we were. We hid our touches throughout the day.

It was almost 4pm, we were sitting close to each other now. We were left again for a few short moments. We looked at each other back and forth. Her eyes were focused more on my lips then my eyes. My hand reached behind her head, I pulled her closer for our kiss.

Our lips separated on each others, her tongue teased me. I pushed it, pulled it, licked it. We stopped kissing, I moved a little further from her on the couch, we were both covered by the blanked, but it was mostly on her. We held hands underneath.

Still no words were spoken. Evening came and we all started to drink again. Ivor opened another bottle of wine. His girlfriend was the first to leave to bed around 11pm, she had to study through the weekend so letting go and getting drunk wasn’t the best option.

Ivor on the other hand was there longer, too long perhaps. Shannon and my touches continued whilst he looked away, at the tv. We told stories, laughed, commented on whatever was on tv. He left for the bed around 1am. As soon as he closed the door behind him she jumped on me.

Her legs spread over my hips, she sat on my legs, kissing me. Her hands around my neck. My hands were moving on her back, squeezing her buttocks.

I turned her over, she laid on her back as I climbed her, kissing and touching her. My member was hard between my jeans, pushing onto her pussy, through her black tights.

“I have to go” she said a few moments after. She stood up, leaned on the couch and kissed me passionately, hesitating to leave she moved away, into her room, closing the door behind her.

I was horny, really horny but there was nothing else I could of done then laid there, try and catch some sleep. I thought about going to her room, sneaking into her bed, to lick her through the night, to fuck her restlessly.

A few hours later I managed to fall asleep.

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