Away From Home

Knock Knock

It was 3pm, I traveled all day. Ivor opened the door. “hey” he said loudly, he hugged and tapped me on the back. I haven’t seen this guy in years. We have been great friends since we practically know about ourselves. So much history between us, it was a strong bond, no matter what.

He moved to another city a few years ago with his girlfriend and now we finally arranged my visit. I was going to stay for the weekend. I came in, we both sat on the couch. “Coffee, tea?” He offered. “Sure, coffee” I responded and he went to the kitchen.

The apartment was a smaller one with two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom and a tiny hallway. From the couch one bedroom was on the right to me, the other on the left to me.

“Wheres your girlfriend?” I shouted through the room. I also knew he had another, female roommate. I didn’t expect anything but, you know. My eyes were always open for romance, kink.

We spent the afternoon on the couch, talking, laughing. When the sun hid, the roommate and Ivor’s girlfriend came home together. They spent the entire day at the university.

Her name was Shannon, the roommate. When I first laid eyes on her I knew there can be something. The mutual attraction at first sight, the fact that we were both single and that we’re going to spend an entire weekend together.

Moments later Ivor, Myself and Shannon were on the couch, Ivor’s girlfriend was on the sofa next to it. We were watching tv, not many words were spoken besides the casual chit chat about practically nothing.

Finally Ivor offered to open the wine and we started drinking. With each sip my eyes were less on tv and more on everything else. One glass down, two glasses down. We talked and laughed, told stories and messed around.

The further we went into the night the more we “accidentally” touched, Shannon and me. At some point I ended up laying on the couch, my head on her lap. She petted me, her fingers gently running through my hair.

In a tease, a joke, my hand moved to her breast. In a silly smile she pushed me away, a little embarrassed she was, but not me. It was bed time soon after midnight, they all went to their bedrooms. Ivor gave me a blanket. “Good night” .. “Good night”

The next day I woke up around 6 am. Way too early to be up but it has always been this way with me. When I was sleeping at someone’s place, somewhere new to me I would wake up early, way to early.

Or even the morning after I slept with a girl in my own bed I would find myself awake at 7am. Which is unusual for me as I’m one of those people who wake up at 10, 11 or 12 and guzzle coffee three hours.

It was awkward. Who knew when they would wake up. I would have to wait hours without doing anything. When this happened it was still a time where smart phones weren’t so common so I didn’t have one, nor a computer at the time.

After the bathroom I laid back on the couch. Looking around. Listening to the clock tick, watching it. The door opened, Shannon’s door, she went to the bathroom. I’ll never forget that moment.

She was in her pajamas and her ass crack was visible. Did she do it on purpose or not? My cock twitched anyway

Away From Home 2


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