Summer of Kink 20 – Happily Ever After

She untied my, pulled the blindfold off, throwing both on the side. Her hands moved over me, hugging. Her head was on my shoulder. With both hands I held her.

We both smiled. Not many words needed to be said. “Good night” I whispered.

We woke up together, still in a hug. It was the last day of summer. She didn’t have to work, neither did I that day. We cuddled, kissed. We told stories and talked. Spending the morning in bed. It was until noon that we got hungry and got up.

We made lunch, watched a movie. I fell for this girl as soon as I saw her. A soul that fits mine. Alone in the night before we met, before we sparked. It was this, last day of summer that I started to really believe that I love her.

That this won’t pass away as quickly, that she’ll always be here. In return, I’ll always be here.

“Going to the bathroom” I said as we cuddled on the couch. I closed the living room door, sneaking in the bedroom. There was one, only one toy left from my previous relationship. A collar, a collar that was no longer hers. A collar that I saved for someone special.

I took it out of the drawer, started at it. Is, is this really it. Is she the girl I’m willing to dedicate my life to. The pain of this collar sitting in the drawer is much larger then the pain of being alone again. I had to make this promise.

I got back to the living room with it in my hand. She looked at me, at the collar, smiled. “What do you have there” she asked.

I sat next to her, explained it all. My eyes teared up, so did hers. “May I” …”May I put it around your neck” I asked. She nodded. “yes, yes please” she said, jumped to hug me. I put the collar around her neck. Closing it.

“You don’t have to wear this all the time” I said. “You know for work and family, take it off” … “Its enough for me if you wear it while with me, while home” I continued.

She cried in my shoulder, giggled. “Yes Master” She said.

The clock is ticking, it ticks and ticks, forever it will tick, before we were here, after we’re gone. A promise was made. We lived happily ever after.

Summer of Kink 19


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