Summer of Kink 19 – The Tables Have Turned

After some intense moments I untied her and we laid on the bed. In a hug, She had this silly smile on my face that made me smile as well. “Thank you” she spoke. “No, thank you” I responded.

The night was just beginning, few moments passed before she asked “How about…how about me tying you now”. Slightly surprised but not disliking the idea I nodded. “purely for your pleasure” she continued. I nodded again.

She handcuffed my hands above my head, to the very edge of the bed. It was dark, I barely saw her in the room, she leaned next to my ear. “How about the blindfold?” She whispered. “Yes” I whispered.

She pulled it over my face, I saw nothing now, couldn’t move my hands all too much. I was naked, still under the covers. She started kissing my. My cheeks and neck. Shoulders and arms. Chest and belly.

She licked my nipples as her hand gently moved over my crotch. My breath started to get short. I felt a little insecure, not being in control but the pleasure was great.

Everything is worth a try, one or two. She moved downwards again. Kissing around my dick and balls. Kissing and licking her way to the tip of my cock. Sucking the head slowly, slowly going downward with her mouth opened, surrounded by my member.

At my surprise she spread my legs, lifting them a little. Her tongue traced through my balls, below them. Teasing and biting them. My breath was short, slightly grunting.

She lifted my legs again, holding them in the air. Kissed and licked my ass. Licked my anus. Spitted on it. Then her finger entered me. My muscles clenched a little, my dick throbbed.

She pushed it deeper and deeper. It hurt a little but less and less each time she pushed the finger. A few moans left my mouth. She pushed my legs further apart, my knees were on my chest.

She pulled out for a few seconds, then I felt two fingers penetrating my ass. Moving in and out. I heard and felt her spit on my anus until it was dripping wet, easy to finger, to fuck, to fuck deep.

She fingered faster, going all the way in with her fingers. My legs were in the air. She grabbed my dick with her other hand. Pulling it back, she sucked it, deep-throated it as she fingered me.

She moved faster and faster, both my member and my ass were throbbing. Releasing all the pressure into her mouth.

She pulled her fingers out, gently played with my dick before she, again, went to the bathroom to clean herself up.

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