Summer of Kink 17 – Her Buttocks turned red

We had dinner, a casual conversation. Some kinky words flew about freely. The next thing I knew she want to the bedroom to put on lingerie. I was waiting on the couch, thinking of the things I’ll do to her.

She shyly opened the door, approached me. Black, lace stockings reached almost to her crotch where purple and black lace thongs spread over her hips. Her corset matched the thongs. Her hair reached almost to her breasts.

As she got closer I took her hand, she leaned on me, kissed me. “You’re such a good girl” I said. She giggled, sat on my lap. My hands wrapped around her as I continued to kiss her.

We got up and went to the bed room. She sat on the bed. I leaned and kissed her. My hands move from her belly upwards. Gently pushing her shoulders, suggesting she lays down. My knees were next to her hips, my hands held me close to her shoulders.

Lips on lips. I moved downwards kissing her neck and chest. Her belly over the thick corset. I slid off the bed, kissing her inner legs, my hands moved over them.

Over the knees and to her feet. I stood up. She looked at me with a smile. Lifting her legs, she moved on the bed. Sitting on all four. “stay there” I said as I gently moved my hand over her body, her ass.

The blindfold was in my hand as I gently pulled it over her face. I turned on the small lamp in the bedroom. Light orange spread through the room.

The closet that was over the bed went from one side to another, connecting at the top. I pulled the rope through the hook of the closet, took her hand and started to tie her. From the top of her wrists to her elbows, she was tied. On her knees.

I grasped her body, her ass as I licked and kissed her neck. Took the crop and moved behind her. Moving it over her ass before I slapped her right butt cheek. She squirmed, squeezing her buttocks in place. I moved it gently over her ass again.

Slapping the left butt cheek, she squirmed again. This time it was silent, like she tried to mute it. Like she wouldn’t let her mouth open.

Moving it over her butt again, slapping more and more. Her ass started to gain color, she squirmed more. I spanked harder, faster. She struggled with her breath. Between the squeals, between breathing shorter.

I laid the crop down, approached her in a hug. “You okay?” I whispered in her ear. She nodded. “Yes, yes. I can take more” She mumbled.

I held her in my hands. Her gentle skin over mine, the smell of her hair reached my nose as my head was next to mine. “Are you sure?” I asked. “I’ll stop when you tell me its too much” I continued.

“I’m sure, just spank me” she answered. I kissed my neck and nodded. Taking my crop again.

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