Summer of Kink 18 – The Alphabet

Her buttocks were red. Her breath was short. I hugged her again. My hands grasped her hot bottom. I lifted the blindfold up. Her eyes were closed, few seconds passed before she looked at me. She smiled. “I’m fine” she said. “but lets call this enough for now”

Her eyes teared a little. But her smile told me everything. “Do you want me to untie you” I asked. “No” she answered as she pulled closer, to sit on her feet. “Just hold me a little” She said. Her breath was still short, whimpering.

I closed my eyes as I hugged her tighter. Moving my hands gently over her back. “Its ok” I whispered in her ear. Her thongs were below her buttocks, wet.

I kissed her, held her for a little longer. The warmth of her gentle skin on mine. The moist of her breath on my lips. I pulled the blindfold on her eyes again, smile arose on her face.

I moved to the other side. Lifting her to pull her thongs down to her knees. My hand moved over her stockings, her soft legs. I spread them a little. Keeping her buttocks up.

I laid on the bed, on my back. My face below her wet pussy. “Sit” I said and she gently moved downwards. Her pussy reached my lips, I kissed and kissed. She moved upwards again. Teasing me for a second. She went down again, I kissed and kissed.

My tongue spread her pussy lips apart, moving up and down the line. Silent moans left her lips as she exhaled. My lips surrounded her pussy before I sucked it in, slowly closing them. Shaking my head with her pussy skin in my mouth.

She moaned louder. My tongue and mouth went faster. “A, B, C, D, E, F…” I started to say slowly. She giggled between the moans. A smile on my face made it harder to spell the alphabet.

“Oh yes” she moaned. “Say my name” she continued with whimpering breaths.

“Anya, Anya, Anya” I spoke on her pussy.

She twitched a little, pressing her on pussy no my lips.

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