Summer of Kink 16 – Re-learning the Ropes

Three days have passed. I woke up alone this morning. Looking around the room. I missed her. Her hands around my body, her head next to mine. I heard someone knocking on my door.

I got up quickly, put some clothes on. From the knock till I got to the door only one thing was on my mind. “Her, is it her. I want to hug her. It would be nice if it was her”.

I opened the door and it was the post man. Delivering a package. Just then I remembered what we ordered a few days ago. “Oh, hi” I said, dropping enthusiasm and signing for the package.

As soon as I closed the door the enthusiasm came back. The toys are here. I opened the package to make sure everything was there, to make sure its alright. Picked up my phone and texted Anya.

“The toys are here” I wrote in the message.

I felt great, with a smile on my face I laid down the toys on the couch. Started the coffee, lit the smoke, you know, the usual.

The phone buzzed, she sent me a giant emoticon with such a silly smile. As I laughed at the picture the phone buzzed again, this time she was calling me.

“I’m actually busy at work but wanted to hear you. I’m so excited about the toys” She said with a whisper, almost mumbling. Co-workers must have been near. “So, when do we meet” She continued.

“6pm my place?”…“I’ll order Chinese” I said.

“that sounds perfect” She responded “I have to go now, but you can text me” She said.

The coffee was half way through the mug when I texted her if I can send her the pictures of the toys. Only a few sips left when she responded. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”.

So I spread them over the bed and took a few photos from various angels. I laid the lingerie on the bed like it would be on a person, placed the blindfold right on the top and the crop was next to it on the right. The rope bundled on the left side.

She responded with a smile again. I got something to eat, took a shower and cleaned the apartment. I was ready for tonight. The few hours left until 6pm I spent online. Reading, re-learning the ropes.

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