Summer of Kink 11 – How did it all Start?

Moments of relaxation follow. I’m still standing over her. She’s covered in my sperm, smiling at me. Reaching my hand with hers “thank you” she whispers with a sense of gratitude. “what a lovely girl she is” I think to myself.

“Keep sitting” I say and reach for the shower head. She nods and lays back, holding me with one hand. Moving her fingers over the fresh juice on her body.

I turn the shower on to wash her clean. “Get up now” I say so I can wash her back. Turning off the shower, she turns to me and hugs me. “Thank you so much” She says. I have a feeling she is grateful for something more then just the kinky sex. If some of it can even be called that.

She steps out of the tub and grabs a towel. “You can wait for me here or in the living room” I say as I start to wash myself. She stays silent and sits on the chair I was sitting on. Towel wrapped around her. Looking at me with a smile.

I continued to shower. Getting out of the shower moments later, she stood up. Wrapping me around the towel she was wrapped in. Drying me in a hug, I can’t help but giggle. Where did I ever find someone amazing as her?

It all started not too long ago. I was alone, lonely. The music that played near the beach constantly reminded me of it. So I decided to go for a walk, not even an hour later I met her. We were both shy.

But things evolved, we started talking, walked under the shining starts. The moon was beautiful. We sat on the rocks right next to the sea. Our hands touched by accident which led us to touching on purpose.

Touching more and more and then it happened. We were kissing, giggling. Her hands moved over my crotch. She touched more and more but I was the one who unzipped my pants.

Grabbing a hold of it, playing with it. Moments later she sucked it. She teased and played, swallowing after I filled her with cum, immense pleasure and satisfaction.

We kept sitting on the rocks, cuddling till deep in the night. Saying bye with a long hug. I knew I had to see her again and so I did. It was 3am when I got home. A text message from her woke me up around 8.

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