Summer of Kink 10 – Spreading in the Tub

Taking a shower at my place, Anya sits on the corner of the tub. Showering away all the foam. Her legs are spread, she is looking at me with excitement. Aroused and excited her fingers reach over her pussy, moving them through her pussy lips, spreading and rubbing.

My hand is on my dick, rubbing in a squeeze as I look at her body. Her eyes and lips. Reaching my balls with the other hand, moving my fingers playfully. She grabs and squeezes her breast, moving her hand over her nipples.

Short breaths, eager and going faster. “Cum, cum for me sweetie” I say, my voice rough with all the tension of arousal. She moans slightly as she pushes harder over her clit. “Yes Daddy” She says with a nod.

Her middle and index finger moved in, her hand is tense, moving stronger as she pushes her fingers in and out. Her eyes are closing, looking at my dick only a few seconds. Her breath is getting shorter, moans in between.

“Yes Daddy” she says again as her cheeks start to get red, blushing in pleasure. I stand up and walk to her, standing right next to the tub, right in front of her. She squeals, her body clenching. Her eyelids squeezing together, mumbling “yes, yes, yes”.

Her hand stops moving, starts even faster and stops again as she is squeezing her breast tightly. Pushing her legs against the tub. I’m rubbing faster and faster over my dick, throbbing.

Leaning on the wall I’m over her, ready to spill everything on her. She crouches in the bath, holding herself on the edges, waits eagerly with her mouth open. “Cum on me, cum all over me” She says.

The tension is getting harder, pleasure is overflowing my body as I feel my sperm shooting on her, over her face and mouth, over her body.

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