Summer of Kink 9 – Make Sure to Foam Everything

Crouching in front of me, holding my hips for balance as I hold myself on the cabin, trying to make sure no one will come. Her soft lips spreading apart over my cock. Her mouth, so warm and wet. Anya is holding my balls, moving over my cock graciously

My feet are sinking over the small rocks, moving them around. She moves faster and faster. Licking over the top, sucking on it. Gently squeezing my balls, pulling them. I feel the pressure building up, all the energy is focused on my cock.

My legs start shaking. Clenching every muscle in my body. Releasing my load into her mouth, over her chin and lips. She’s licking it all up and licking me clean.

She then takes her bag for extra clothes and gets dressed, all I did was get my shorts up, standing in front of the cabin with a silly smile. “So, drinks?” she says.

“I don’t actually feel like drinks right now, would you rather get home and ready for tonight?” I respond as we start to walk towards the bar. “Whats tonight” She says with a smile.

“Fun” I responded, smiling.

She was blushing curiously “Yeah, lets do that” she says.

“Want to take a shower at my place or meet up in a few hours?” I say as we get closer to the bar. “Oh, let me just say bye to Marty”. Putting my hand on his shoulder “I’ll tell you all about it some time later, see you” I say and he looks at me.

A look that says “I can’t wait, I’m happy for you”.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t mind taking a shower at your place” Anya says as we start to walk again.

Unlocking the door and entering my apartment “I was thinking we can go visit a certain shop as well” I say.

She takes my hand and pulls me closer, looking up at me “So, you want to tie me up again, use some other toys on me” She says.

“Yes, yes I do” I say, “Its time for your shower now” I continue. Taking her clothes off. Taking her to the bathroom completely nude. “Get in” I say, going to the corner, sitting on the chair.

She’s looking at me while standing in the tub. “Well, shower time” I say to her, watching her body get wet. Her hands moving over it, over her breasts, belly, pussy and ass.

“Can I use your shampoo” She asks while looking at me. I nod, moving my hand to my dick to squeeze and rub. “Make sure you foam everything up” I say.

Covering her body in foam, rubbing it everywhere. My dick is getting harder while looking and I pull my shorts down. My fingers surrounding my aching member, pulling up and down.

“Oh” She says with a little embarrassment, with a lot of pleasure “Jerk off for me Daddy” She says rubbing herself more and more, squeezing her breasts. Touching her pussy playfully.

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