Summer of Kink 8 – A Few Small Licks

The clock stopped working I thought to myself, oh moved again. Ticks and Ticks, time goes by so slow. Its 3pm and my job is done for the day, all I’m left with now is my imagination to entertain me, or my creativity to breach through and figure something fun to do.

My friend Marty has been tweeting all morning, how awesome things down at the beach are. He owned a bar that was no more then 10 meters from the beach, surrounded by sand, a typical summer beach party which I did oh-so-not like.

He was actually my cousin, but I have always been calling him my friend as you can choose those, not a matter of family. He was one of those who I’d hang out with every once in a while, a great friend but not really a day-to-day thing and I liked it that way.

He was the same hight as me, dark brown hair with green eyes, always relaxed and full of not-so-funny jokes, we all know that guy, don’t we? So I decided go visit him, to kill the few hours that seemed to haunt me as I stared at the clock, tick by tick.

Surprisingly things were not so bad, I was relaxed, enjoying my beer between him casually dropping a line as he passed, busy with his work and just looking around, people were sometimes a mystery to me but never as bad as I might think. Everyone has a story, everyone has something to say.

I called Anya to see if she’s done with work, has some time to join me in a drink. The second glass of beer was empty on the table, Marty hinted me If I wanted another one but taking a break between drinks is something I always did, starting after that new year which I don’t remember but more on that later.

Whilst looking around she sat next to me “hey” I offered to her smile, she reached for my hand right after she sat “so, you’ve been drinking without me” she said and we both laughed. Somehow she managed to get home and put on her bikini before joining me, I was delighted.

“I’d go for a swim but I’m afraid I might get lost between the alcohol spinning through my body and the sight of you”

“Thats ok I’ll just swim back, I’m sure you’ll follow” she responded with a bigger smile.

Marty jumped in wanting to meet her but I was quick on my feet to avoid all that and get both me and Anya in the sea.

After a long swim she led me to one of those on-the-beach changing “rooms” saying nothing but “help me change”. As we walked closer, holding hands she continued “Its a lot more comfortable if I know you’re watching over me”

“Yeah I think I will watch” I responded.

Standing in front of me she reached behind with both her hands to undo her bikini top, exposing her breasts, soft and perky. Her nipples were hard. She handed the top to me and turned around to take her bottom off.

My dick was getting hard just by watching her naked, on the outside, with nothing but a curtain from the rest of the world. With a smile and nothing else she crotched down and pulled my shorts down.

Touching my genitalia with her hand, looking between me and my dick, a silly smile which I loved. She licked the top while holding my equipment entirely. A few small licks before she opened her mouth to take it in, to suck it in.

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