Summer of Kink 7 – I’ll see you soon

The night was over. We still laid in bed, our naked bodies next to each other. She slowly woke up, opening her eyes not with ease. With her hand cleaning her eyes. She hid her face from me as she yawned. Kissed me when she was done.

“Good morning” I thought, speaking was not the easiest thing to do early in the morning but after she said it I managed to mumble it through my still sore lips. Whats the time she asked and I reached my phone, “almost nine”.

She smiled hearing that, kissed my chest, again and again, holding me in a hug as I laid on my back. Her skin was soft and smooth, gentle. Erotic as my hands moved over her body, as my lips moved over hers.

“I still have an hour or so” She said with her mouth near my ear, kissing my neck. Its been too long since I felt so warm. My hand gently moved over her belly, between her legs.

Between and around her pussy lips, my fingers played with them, she gasped, gently biting my shoulder. My hands moved faster and faster. Her breath as well. Was she trying to leave a mark on my shoulder?

She got up moving her leg over my hips. Her was on the bed, palms on each of my shoulder. Lips tight on mine. I reached my member to point it in her. The very top of it rubbing between her lips, wet and worm. She sat on me.

We both gasped, my hands surrounded her tightly, over her back and hips, her perfect-for-me buttocks and she pushed further down, sucking my member, its full length as she sat on me.

Such a ridiculous smile was on my face, one combined with pleasure and my hips started moving, upwards and downwards, my hands on her hips following the rhythm of this erotic dance.

She grasped her breasts as we moved faster. , leaning on mine as we went even faster and then she moved to the side, off of me.

With her mouth wide open sucking me in, my member. My muscles tense of the pleasure I grabbed her head, once again moving in the rhythm of this erotic dance. My hips followed.

Leaving the tip in her mouth, she grabbed it with her hand, finishing me off. Blowing my load in her mouth.

She had a puzzling look on her face almost as if she wasn’t sure if she liked it or not but she swallowed. By the looks of it she didn’t enjoyed it but when a smile came on her face I knew it was ok.

Of course I wanted her to swallow but she had a choice and thats exactly what I’m going to tell her. There’s no point in this if one of us is not enjoying.

We talked a little, got dressed and she had to go. “Ill see you soon” I said, confident that it will be so, but what did I know, I just wanted it to be that way. After she left I started the coffee, lighted a smoke, the usual as you might know.

Rather then check work stuff first on my laptop I checked out some sex shops. She showed interest in having fun with toys.

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