Summer of Kink 3 – Coffee, Morning Coffee

The sound of a text message woke me up around 8 in the morning. It was way too early to get up considering last night, my eyes were sore, barely able to see, my muscles hurt, barely able to function. “Lets meet”.

Nothing more or less then “Lets meet” was in the message. It was from Anya, the girl I was with last night after meeting her on my walk. But how did I have her number, how did she have my number? Its all blurry, like remembering a place that was really foggy at the time.

My eyes closed and I fell on the pillow…what the fuck I thought, it hasn’t been more then 8 hours since we seen each other but really, I couldn’t complain, it was wonderful even if it did cut me off from my morning breaths of freedom.

“In an hour at the market?” I responded, closing my eyes again before I forced myself to get out of bed and splash my face with cold water to wake me up. Lighting up a cigarette as the water for coffee was boiling. The sun was strong, I could barely see.

But thats how summers are, especially if I didn’t get enough sleep, especially as I worked from home and not outside. My balcony was was wide, yet only a few footsteps to the end of it. Enough room to have chairs, a table, some plants.

I loved plants, it was only a few years since I started to really appreciate them, we couldn’t be alive without them. Them, tress and the sea, I felt lucky to have all three nearby, all other is my own problem.

The phone buzzed again, “I’ll be there” she responded and I had 45 minutes to wake myself up and get decent. The morning coffee and cigarette were a well crafted routine by now, or better yet, an addiction. The pain of not having either of those in the morning was too much until I decide to stop and put myself through it.

Theres not much choice you can have to wear in the summer, shorts, t-shirt and shoes and I wasn’t very picky about any of those. Locked the door and headed to the market, 10 minutes before I had to be there, 5 minutes till I get there, I always liked to be there earlier.

Yet I didn’t want to look desperate so I took a little longer route, only a few minutes longer but long enough for my lack of confidence need, something to fill my ego up. To make me feel something other then what I was.

Just after looking at the clock I saw her, she was waiting, three minutes earlier. I guess I had nothing to really worry about. “Coffee” I said as I approached her with a smile on my face. “yeah” she said silently nodding her head. Thank god she was a coffee person, can’t imagine my life without it.

The coffee shop was nearby, a part of a hotel near the shore, near the very center of the city, or at least, summer center of the city. We both ordered, sitting in a comfortable silence with only a few words going between us. Did I mention it was way too early for me considering last night?

“I’m sorry, it usually takes me a few hours to wake up in the morning” I shared with her. “Yeah me to” she said laughingly “I just woke up early today, couldn’t really sleep” she continued “sorry for texting so early, just wanted to see you”.

And it was that moment I realized this girl is exactly what I need, well fulfilling a part of my needs anyway, a very large part. She was the sort of person that cared and went with all her heart.

We continued for a walk after the coffee, holding hands, talking about casual sex stuff, odd enough it was a comfortable conversation for both of us, not involving kinky details of course. Odd enough she was into a lot of stuff I was into.

“Perhaps I will handcuff you to the bed one day” I said with a smile which came up on her face too, a little shyness accompanied it as well.

To Be Continued

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