Summer of Kink 2 – Almost a Full Moon

Walking to her my heart pounded harder and harder, its those first steps that are the hardest, even if it fails, other first steps might be easier, eventually success will come. “Hi” I said nervously as I approached her, she smiled and it warmed my heart, she said hi back.

She was nervous too, it was obvious in both of us, but the ice is somewhat broken, the hardest part is behind “All alone tonight?” I asked her, trying to keep it in a polite manner, not to offend or scare her.

Even tho I was a good guy and I knew It, the lack of confidence was the only thing that made me careful about such things, made me really worry about my first impression.

“Yeah, you too?” She responded and I smiled, a ticklish feeling blazed through my body, yes I found her, the one that Is also alone tonight, under these bright stars, watching people go by, wondering about many things as the sound of waves crushing and the band playing travel about.

“Yeah, thought I’d go for a walk to clear my mind, the band is cool right”
The nervousness is starting to leave my body, leaking out slowly but surely, my heart is returning to normal, my hands don’t shake as much anymore.

She nodded “lets go for a walk together then”. We started walking, small talking about nothing and everything. It was always odd to have an intimate conversation in public, within the range of random strangers, I always preferred a place where true intimacy can be achieved.

But what am I talking about, I just met this girl, is there really a need for intimacy. “You have wonderful eyes” I said with a smile, she laughed “Really? I was just about to say the same thing for you” she said.

The night was starting to get peaceful as we went further from the band playing, further from all the noise of random strangers and whatnots. Still chatting about everything and nothing, it was not an ideal conversation to have with anyone, years however thought me its necessary, skipping to those deep thoughts and conversations can be crucial for either of us.

The beaches were rocky, with small rocks covering the main beach and large ones surrounding the rest, a bit of this and a bit of that. It moved over the entire city and then some more. We agreed to go and sit on one of the larger rocks. The waves crushed into them right below our feet.

The moon was bright, not quite full yet but bright enough to see in a night like this, there were no street lamps on this beach, this part of the city. Stars accompanied the moon well, bringing more light, a feeling of belonging, or was that just in her company?

We smiled and laughed, at one point our hands touched, glanced over one another. It was a moment after which we both had our hands near other ones, slowly moving it closer, pretending its not even happening.

And then they touched, slowly, gently, just a little they touched. And then a little more and a little more until I found myself petting her hand, gently moving my fingers over hers. It was very arousing, for both of us I believe “Come” I said, suggesting she leans on me, enters the embrace of my hug, of my arms and joy in that moment.

Words were no longer necessary, the feeling spoke for itself. My arm was on her shoulder, my fingers touching and playing whilst she touched and played with my other arm. Between looking at each other and the moon, the moment where we both were facing each other.

The moment she leaned for a kiss. The moment I leaned for a kiss. Her lips were soft, oh so very soft. Her breath on mine when we looked each other with a smiled and continued to kiss. Moment after moment, our hands moving, gently and cautiously.

The feeling of my fingers running through her soft hair as her hand is on my belly and going down, down to my crotch. Was it…was it too soon? Was it too early? I would lie if I said I didn’t want it. Its a wonderful thing, natural and beautiful, erotic ecstasy of another persons touch.

She touched and move her hand over my pants, grabbing my member. The pants, the pants were getting tight, too tight so my hand joined her, only to unbutton my pants, to let my nature be free, she giggled In a very nice way, took it in her hand, moving up and down just a few moments before she stopped kissing me.

Stopped kissing me and made her way downwards with her lips. The sound of waves, the sea, the beautiful mountains barely seen, the moon was bright and I was swimming in pleasure.

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