Roomies 4

Previously; Lucia is going out for the night to be with her new Master whilst M stays at home, having Michelle over. They both are not having much fun in their new-found relationships, secretly wanting to be with each other, all they want is for the night to end.

Its getting late…

Michelle giggled laying on M’s knees, her butt already showing signs of a blush from his hands “Ooh, Daddy! Spank your little slut like she deserves it” she cooed. Slightly putting up a fight, M decided it was time, tossed her on the bed.

Butt up, he ordered, earning those hungry eyes towards his face, ass angling up to his large palms. Shivers ran up her spine as she felt his hard and wet member entering her. Oh,” she gasped warmly, body pulling him in deeper. “Yeeeess, Daddy”.

He just wanted to get it over with, it was perhaps the moment he decided he didn’t want to see her again. Her lack of communication and feelings, she was a brat. Pushing deeper, the plastic moans to his ears only served to seal that ideal.

Get up here,” Master said, voice gruff with bass, dick already throbbing outside the fly of his pants for Lucia, just waiting for her, looking at her. It stood menacingly in front of her, the veins pulsing for her body. “You better do good,” he said derisively, leaving little room for escape.

“Yes, Master,” she spoke with a tinge of fear, her breath coming in shudders. But why would she be afraid? She lifted up off the floor, kneeling over his member. Wait. Her thong? That’s right … She was fine so long as her snatch was protected. She’d be a ‘good girl’ so long as she was still intact.

Time seemed to melt and speed and stop and crawl all around her, her mind swirling only around the fact that her master gave her a command, one she intended to follow. But a thong was so flimsy. So thin. What was happening. “Ma … Master?” Her consciousness floating back hazily to her, uncertainty pulling at her. To pay attention to the flags that she would normally see a mile away? To what, exactly?

M was annoyed, the lack of practically everything in her, he pulled her hips faster and faster, grunting. Being alone IS better then being in bad company he wretched in his mind.

So tight and wet, the tip of his member aching to explode, M was closing in. He pulled out and rubbed out on her ass, palm burning with its molten load as he covered her with semen “Goood girl” he groaned out, body still on auto-pilot as his palms pumped every last bit of cum on her. Michelle purred excitedly, knowing he was able to cum so quick.

Master noticed Lucia hesitating, having second thoughts “Aren’t you a good little slut,” he said enforcing the words on her mind as he waited for them to sink in. With her brows furrowing in uncertainty, a frown worked its way onto his lips, his fingers running on her cheeks, taking her by the back of her head, pulling her towards his member “lick, suck” he said. “Good, little, slut,” he hissed into her ear before her nose brushed won his chest, his stomach, the musk of his member just in front of her lips as the rest of her body was forced to kneel in front of him.

Good. Little. Slut.
The clench at the root of her hair sunk those thoughts in. “Nngh . . .Yes, Master,” she said feebly, her mouth hanging open, inviting his member into the warm, moist cavern of her mouth. Yes, suck. Suck like the Good. Little. Slut. You are for master. Because master knew her hard limit, right? Yes, you should be thanking Master for inviting himself to your mouth when your other hole was so unused. Yes. It was as if her mind was melting at the very thought of every question she could ask herself.

“Look! A new record!” she grinned toothily. If only she knew why he wanted to finish faster. M watched numbly as his eyes saw her hand reach behind her, rubbing that ruby sore ass with his cum on her. He grunted as she rubbed and smeared his cream from the small of her back, to the crack of her ass, down the slit with a impish grin. “But I know daddy would just love to go round two right around …”

Her index finger dipped a digit into her ass, her clean, hairless sphincter sucking it in easily and popping it out clean. “… Here~ Right, Daddy?” The hole was still tight, still wrinkled from her little tease as his spunk decorated her backhole with temptingly delicious trails.

Roomies 3


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