Roomies 3

Forward, perhaps too forward Michelle was pressing herself against M’s body. Her hands wandered around, her lips focused on his face, neck. He laid there, returning the kisses, his hands were on her breasts or hugging her when she decided to unzip his pants.

Unzip them with a smile on her face, nerdy, slutty smile. Before she managed to make her way down there, to surround her lips with thick hot meat M stripped her. In anticipation she hurried it up and moved on with her eagerness.

Lucia’s Master was sitting in his chair when she got out of the bedroom, she was in black, black high heels, stockings with rose prints, thongs and a bra that barely fit her breasts, nipples almost falling out. “Kneel” he said, almost without a single emotion.

“Thank you, Master” she spoke softly, voice dropping in volume as she undertook her transformation. Surely this wasn’t her, the young lady who seemed to bright the room. Yet she took this new look for him, almost an hypnotic trance glazed over her eyes as a lazy smile drifted to her lips.

“Thank you for my clothes, Master” she whispered lightly. Her chocolate body was on for his display, breasts straining against their tight material, as If they would burst open to the slightest breeze if she even as much as inhaled wrong. She came down gracefully as she knelt by his knees. Brown eyelashes flashing to the floor until he deemed otherwise.

“Take my shoes off now” the Master spoke with a strict voice and Lucia did so, slowly massaging his feet she could her him unzip his pants “keep going” he said, focusing her curiosity back to his feet.

It felt cold, cold and lonely, moving without emotion, touching without lust. M felt like a personal toy but he knew this is what he was getting into, he knew what Michelle was all about and his mind wondered again, back to the first thought, to the thought of Lucia and her smile “Wonder when she’ll be back” he thought.

Three more hours till midnight, Michelle was working his hard member, lipstick smearing over his shaft as she gobbled him voraciously. Whorish moans left her without restraint as she bobbed him, slobbering over his member without even so much as a small hitch in gag reflex.

Tongue tracing every ridge, trailing over even the smallest vein that would bulge “Oh Daddy, this is wonderful” she said. Rubbing, smearing the fluids over her mouth and face. He then got up and took her hand, sitting on the very edge of the bed he gently pulled her over his knees.

Both of them completely naked he spanked her. Spanking stronger and harder Michelle moaned and enjoyed, he realized he might be releasing all his frustration from the evening on her behind but it didn’t matter, she kept saying “more” anyway.

“Yes, master,” she said dutifully, every moment on her knees, it seemed to her mind that her knees wouldn’t stop sinking, wouldn’t stop at the ground, melting almost as she was made to move his shoes away from him. Her fingers deftly handled the tight muscles of his feet, loosening any and every knot, smoothing the angles and joints from the biggest toe to the his ankle, fingers firm yet soft against his feet.

“Get up here” Master said with a rough voice, already have pulled his member out for Lucia, waiting for her, looking at her.”You better do good I had a long day” He said with a slight smile. Not a single care for how she felt, only needed her for his pleasure.

To Be Continued.

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