Roomies 2

“Thanks, hun” She said, having trouble to place why it sounded so reluctant, thinking she’d figure it out later. She couldn’t lie to herself knowing it was so magical, not a moment passed without pleasure. He was already looking for someone else.

Someone else to soothe his heat and fill it with pleasure, something she was to shy to say she wanted to do. He moved in offering mentorship, needing shelter, how could she ever pressure him on something like this? Something that pressured her heart so deeply.

“A fire started in my heart, sparks ignite every time I see her, sparks that can’t be denied, a lust that was there while her petite butt jiggled as I gave her a taste of pleasure, perhaps my own.” Lucia kept on walking around M’s mind as he laid on the bed, waiting for Michelle.

But what is he going to do with Michelle, the girl that’s coming over soon, Lucia left for the evening, everything seemed so dull. “how did I get here, how did everything get here, where will things go?”.

It was a flirt, sweaty nights and a smile before she would go. Michelle was just a toy, he didn’t need to feel bad about it, she thought of him the same way if not worse but is not what M desired, craved.

Lucia knocked on her Master’s door, she knew he was looking for something that wasn’t her, but she wanted to learn, to have fun. Thats why she allowed him to mentor her. To teach and train.

Now that her learning was becoming fruitful she didn’t want to be reserved for him only, he wasn’t what she was looking for either. There was no sex, yet at least. She wanted it to be to that special one, one that dedicated himself to her, one that collared her, one that she could picture her life with, no matter how corny it may sound.

The door opened and Michelle rushed into M’s embrace, gently spoken from her lips “Daddy”. It was still heart warming, better then to be alone. They moved to the bedroom and laid next to each other. Soft and warm light coloring the room.

Her head was on his chest when he asked “have you been a good girl today” and almost like she didn’t know the answer she said”mm, yes, no, maybe?”. She said it playful, biting her lower lip, acting cute. She didn’t know what answer will get her in trouble, the trouble she wanted, for him to spank and play with her.

The door opened, Lucia smiled even tho she didn’t know why, Master has greeted her and let her in. It was an unusual night, everything seemed so odd, confusing and far away.

She stood there, in the middle of the room, waiting to see and hear what he wants from her, trying to think of what he might expect from her. When he returned from his bedroom he was carrying a bag, not many words were said before.

“This is for you, dress up and come back to me” He said, the bag was full of sexy lingerie, something she wasn’t very use to but she did what he said. “Yes Master” she responded, took the bag and went to the bedroom to change while he waited in his chair.

Roomies 1

Roomies 3


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