Roomies 1

She smiled at her reflection, pleased with how her make up complimented her features. Never too much yet just enough to enhance her natural beauty. A dash of bronze over each lid, a tease of red in the corner.

Liner for the smoky effect and a tease of color on her lips. “So, I’ll be heading out again tonight, I really think it might work with this guy” Lucia said “How about you? That last girl seemed to really warm up to you” she continued.

Laying on the couch, staring at his laptop M smiled “Yea she did. Not much surprise there, she might actually come over tonight” he looked at Lucia “You must be having a blast with this guy, its a week in a row already” he said. “She can really dress up nicely” he thought whilst looking at her.

She giggled as she clipped her lipstick closed, smiling at the prim reflection to herself before smiling back at M. “Well, yeah, he shows so much potential, even left me kind of sore with the last spankings” She said smiling even more “I’m excited, we get along so well”

“Thank you” she continued after a few seconds of silence “if you didn’t get me into all of that I might have been too scared to try it with him”

M laughed “That spanking I gave you was great wasn’t it” … “we both enjoyed you know” he continued. “Don’t get your hopes up, I’d hate to see you get hurt” M said.

It was a good spanking, but Lucia wouldn’t let him know how turned on it made her, only the soft blush that met both sets of her cheeks as he did it. But everything would be different soon, perhaps things can change.

M stood up, walking to his room to call Michelle, the girl that got so warmed up to him.”Perhaps its better to not be alone as Lucia is leaving for the evening” he thought.

Lucia’s Master who she was going to tonight, he only seemed to want her for himself, nothing, no contact or anything outside of family and work, but she felt good spending time with him, kinky time with him. It was always a trance like experience, was she willing to pay?

“Um..hey…gimme a call if I don’t get back by midnight..please?” She shouted through the door.

“Yea, will do” M responded, he said it with a heavy heart “Does she have to go, to another man, to another life, with out me” it was troubling his mind. That spanking was more then spanking.

Roomies 2


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