Kink Note #3

I knocked on her door, excited, slightly scared. It was all somewhat new to me but I knew there was no real reason to worry. Opening the door in a black robe, stockings over her legs, my breath shivered as she moved closer with a smile and hugged me.

Gently kissed my neck. She was always such a lovely Owner, kind and warm “I’m glad you’re here” she said in a soft voice, right into my ear. We stepped in and she locked the door, reaching for the drawer where she pulled out my collar.

I couldn’t help but to giggle a little, a ticklish feeling flew through my body. I leaned closer, cuddled with my head on her neck, her breasts as she put the collar on me, petting me.

Leading me to the bedroom I sat on the bed, right after she took my clothes off she slipped her robe off and joined me. Kisses, licks, gentle bites “lay” she said and I turned on my back, her legs in stockings moving over my head as she gently sat on me.

I licked and I licked, sucked and played. I loved nothing more then the smell of her wet pussy as she sat on my face. Feeling her warm hands between my legs.


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