Kink Note #1

The crest of his boxers peaked just above the the edge of his jeans, teasing Erin of her hungry prize. Of course, something inside of her thought that something was wrong with her. What was she? A girl in a coffee shop hiding her face behind every chug of her caffeine as she scoped the cafe for any man that could sate her hunger.

Yeah, something was wrong with that with how many hours she devoted in the last week, something she was too afraid to tally up from before and after work.

But the espresso couldn’t drown this thirst that was coursing through her body and she knew it, almond shaped green eyes hunting again at the brunette Italian in front of her, talking avidly into his phone, cradled between his ear and shoulder, as he flipped the news paper with both hands. Erin thought the man looked too cute to be using such an antiquated form of information gathered.

Chiseled chin with just a scruff of sculpted beard, pearly white teeth enunciating each word he spoke into the receiver. A a thin shirt she could only thank the gods for making, just the right fabric thickness that hung loosely off of him, yet outline his model like body. Oh, and of course how when he sat on the chair she could get a perfect shot of his midriff.

She sunk sinfully into her seat


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