Anette 8 – Final

Anette told everything to the hypnotist who with a smile said”great, it worked”…”I’m sorry that it made you confused, scared, but it is was a possibility from the start” he continued.

“Great thing about hypnosis is that I can return your mind back to the previous state and bring back all the memory you are missing”

“ just used me” Anette said nervously, her hands moist, slightly shaking. “Hypnosis can’t make you do anything that you don’t firstly want to do” The hypnotist said “Perhaps it seems like I used you but I have no doubt that you deeply wanted it.”

“If I’m wrong, I’m sorry” he said and finally a slight smile rose on Anette’s face “yes, I have had it in me” she thought. “Would you like to keep this anal pleasure?” he asked.

She was confused, she didn’t know “y-yes but” she said as the hypnotist was listening with anticipation “but, can I remember everything that has been happening…last few days seem foggy”

“Of course” the hypnotist said proceeding to hypnotize her “just relax now” and she fell deeper and deeper in trance, each word he said sinking deep into her mind.

Some time later she headed home, deciding to delay everything else she had to do today, she needed some time to think, to reflect upon what was happening. A silly smile on her face knowing what truly happened, knowing what she asked him and how she enjoyed.

The anal pleasure was still there, however not as strongly, she knew more about herself now then ever before. Coming home and relaxing. Seeing the glass anal jewelry on the table she smiled, slightly laughed.

Putting it in her mouth, getting it moist and she bent over, her dress over her hips, pulling her panties on the side and sliding it in, giving in to the pleasure she continued with her day with it inside.

Anette 7


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