Anette 7 – Finding out

The hypnotist’s office was brownish, rays of light were cluttered by the curtains. A peaceful place yet Anette was naked, completely naked and excited, aroused..scared.
What was going on? It hasn’t been 15 minutes that shes been there.

The hypnotist, holding her hips, spanking her as she was bent over his office table “you were a bad girl” he said, leaving her to wonder, wonder what exactly has been happening. She started to have anal orgasms only a few days after her first session.

It seemed so innocent, she came to get help with her studies yet she ended up a slut for him “thank you master” slipped out of her mouth, her consciousness slipping away with each breath, with each inch he went deeper.

Deeper and deeper taking her from behind, she was not aware, hearing herself moan, hearing him grunting. There were little feelings involved and she slipped right into a trance, all reality has left the moment.

Holding her hips, going faster and faster she felt him harder until he exploded into her, filling her with semen she was moaning. “Please take a seat” he said as he was dressing up. Confused she did what he said, perhaps she can get some answers now that hes not behind her, in her.

“I’m sorry if that was a little odd for you” he started saying “you must be confused”… “I do owe you an explanation, you see, the last time you were here it wasn’t just for your studies”. Anette was in a slight shock, “what, what happened, how..” her eyes were saying but her mouth was still, silent.

“I have something that might explain it better then myself” The hypnotist said, standing up, opening the drawer and taking an envelope out, bringing it to Anette. “And please, you can dress up now”

Taking the envelope she looked at her self, almost as if she forgot she was nude she picked up her panties and slid them on, putting her dress back on her. The hypnotist was watching, waiting for her to open the envelope, waiting for her to read what she has wrote.

“Dear Anette” The letter that was inside started with “Its me. Anette, writing this before the session, you might be a little confused to what is going on. I came to the hypnotist to help me with studies but somewhere along the way we got to the subject of kink, sexuality, how it reflects upon our reality”

Anette was reading and the hypnotist was still watching, waiting to see her reaction, to see her finding out what she was so confused about.

“I decided to let the hypnotist to alter my mind sexually, to have me greatly enjoy my sexuality and Anal but also made me forget all about it, making it feel natural.” The letter said.

She was left stunned, staring at nothing “o-ok” she said, trying to contemplate it all. “How do you feel, how did you feel throughout the last week?” the Hypnotist asked and she decided to tell him everything.

To be continued …

Anette 6

Anette 8


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